Increase donations from your supporters with a mobile fundraising campaign.

Mobile Commons makes it simple for donors to give to your organization. Whether you want to launch a text-to-give campaign, provide a link to an online web form, or send an SMS reminder to respond with a pledge, text messaging is a powerful and effective way to reach your supporters and increase donations. In fact, a simple SMS reminder can increase donations by 77%!

How It Works

Whether you are raising money for a cause or driving pledges for a political campaign, our mobile fundraising tools will help you drive donations.

  1. mobilecommons-howitworks-fundraising-drivemobiledonations

    Drive Mobile Donations

    Make it easy for any supporter to give directly from their phone with Quick Donate

  2. mobilecommons-howitworks-fundraising-textreminders

    Text Reminders to Donate

    Send timely text messages to remind supporters to contribute to your campaign

  3. mobilecommons-howitworks-fundraising-increasepledgesevents

    Increase Pledges at Events

    Promote your campaign at live events and ask attendees to pledge instantly via text

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Case Study: The Humane Society of the United States


HSUSThe Humane Society of the United States had just come out of a very successful election cycle and was worried their list was experiencing donor fatigue. To combat this, HSUS decided to send a text message – in addition to an email – asking their mobile subscribers to donate their year-end gift.

  • The subscribers who were suppressed from the text message responded to the final fundraising email at a rate of .31%.
  • The subscribers who received the text message responded to the final email ask at a rate of .55% — a statistically significant 77% increase in response to the appeal!

By using their mobile list to build engagement, The Humane Society of the United States saw a significant increase in responses to email.

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Resources for Nonprofits & Causes

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