Instantly connect supporters to their Congressional representatives.

Mobile Commons Advocacy is the most effective solution for mobilizing thousands of supporters and driving phone calls to Congress.

Our robust platform has powered hundreds of advocacy campaigns across the country and connected millions of callers with their legislators to drive real change at the local, state, and national level.

Set up and launch a call-in campaign at a moment’s notice and instantly track the impact of your actions. No matter the issue, Mobile Commons has the tools to help you activate your supporters and influence legislation today.

How It Works

Whether you are trying to petition lawmakers about gun policy, immigration reform, or gay rights, Mobile Commons has the right advocacy tools for you.

  1. Text messaging advocacy programs

    Drive targeted advocacy

    Select and target specific legislators for your supporters to call

  2. Targeting mobile subscribers for text messaging campaigns

    Activate your supporters

    Collect phone numbers and addresses from your supporters with online web forms

  3. Targeting mobile subscribers for text messaging campaigns

    Instantly connect constituents

    Automatically connect supporters to their district-matched representatives

  4. Text messaging advocacy programs

    Measure your influence on legislation

    Track incoming calls in real-time and measure the impact of your campaigns

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Highlighted Case Study


tumblr_logotype_blue_512In November of 2011, Congress was debating two bills that could establish the first institutionalized censorship of the Internet in the US – the Protect-IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The blogging platform Tumblr wanted to join the fight for Internet freedom – but they also wanted to give ordinary net citizens the power to take a stand and influence legislative opinion.

Tumblr used Mobile Commons to directly connect any concerned citizen with their local Representative – giving them the opportunity to directly influence the legislative debate.

In just 14 hours, Tumblr  generated 87,834 calls to representatives – over 6200 calls an hour. That translated into 1,293 hours of advocacy.

Read the full case study here

Resources for Nonprofits & Causes

Looking for more resources and case studies on how to launch a successful mobile campaign? Check out our extensive resource library for mobile strategy tips, customer success stories, on-demand webinars, and more.