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Keep people healthy with text messaging
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Case Study

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute’s SmokefreeTXT program doubled the smoking quit rate among teens when they received text message support.

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Improve Healthcare Outcomes with Text Messaging

Encourage healthy choices with our targeted mobile solutions

eBook: Text Messaging for Patient Engagement: The Key to Unlocking Positive Healthcare Outcomes

Learn why text messaging is the optimal tool for engaging patients in their own health to improve healthcare outcomes.

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Mobile Commons’ suite of healthcare solutions is tailored to help you achieve the outcomes you want. Whether you are looking to reach underserved populations, provide vital health resources, encourage behavior change, or improve medication adherence – text messaging has proven to be the most effective form of communication. With our HIPAA compliant platform and knowledgeable mobile strategy team, Mobile Commons brings you all the expertise to launch a successful mobile health campaign and drive real results.

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Mobile Engagement Solutions for Healthcare

Our healthcare solutions are designed to help your organization achieve your specific outcomes and goals. Learn how you can use text messaging to help people make healthy living choices, quit smoking, show up for appointments, enroll in health insurance, and much more.

Clinical Trial Recruitment & Follow Up


Text messaging effectively engages patients throughout a clinical trial, from the recruitment phase to gathering results and beyond.

  • Reach more patients during trial recruitment
  • Reduce drop out rates and retain patients
  • Conduct surveys to gain insight on patient progress

Wellness & Behavior Change

Healthy Active Family

Text messaging helps people achieve the short-term wellness goals needed for long-term behavior change.

  • Achieve health goals with automated message scheduling
  • Encourage change with daily tips and reminders
  • Reach patients in underserved communities to drive education and outcomes

Adherence & Prescription Reminders

Senior woman with medication pills and prescription

Text messages are the smartest, most effective way to address medication non-adherence and encourage patient compliance with their treatment plans.

  • Send a simple text reminder at the exact time of each dosage
  • Make it easy for patients to remember dosage amounts and times
  • Send follow-up texts to ensure adherence and track patient performance

Insurance Enrollment


Text messaging is the most effective way to reach, educate, and enroll people about health insurance.

  • Send text message reminders about open enrollment deadlines
  • Direct citizens to the closest enrollment center
  • Target underserved populations and help them navigate insurance exchanges

Smoking Cessation

national cancer institute case study

A text message smoking cessation campaign can make quitting easier by providing motivating messages to help smokers get past their cravings.

  • Send messages of support and encouragement
  • Personalize content and timing to each individual’s personal quit date
  • Track people’s mood and craving levels

Key Features for Health Management

Our easy-to-use platform has a wide range of features to help your organization achieve better healthcare outcomes. Build a solution that fits your needs.

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