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Case Study

Metropolitan Transit Authority

MTA’s Bus Time lets commuters in New York text in to find the location of the next bus in real time. Over 13 million messages were received in 2013.

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Improve and streamline your communications strategy

Engage with consumers in the most responsive way possible

The Mobile Commons platform is tailored to help you reach customers with the right message at the right time. Our robust, web-based CRM tracks every message, click, and action, so you can gain insights into your customers’ behaviors. With more efficient communication, you can handle higher volumes at lower costs, allowing you to scale your business while improving customer satisfaction.

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  • 99% of all text messages are opened
  • The average response rate for text messages
  • Text messaging has a click through rate 4 times higher than email

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Mobile Engagement Solutions

Our platform offers a full range of features to serve all of your mobile communication needs. Learn how you can use text messaging to schedule personalized notifications, send real-time updates, respond to customer inquiries, and more.

Consumer Insights

Consumer insight and data collection

Start a conversation with consumers and interact with them to build brand loyalty.

  • Learn about consumer preferences with surveys and polls
  • Identify who your shoppers are and start building their mobile profile
  • Integrate our platform with your CRM to  segment and personalize mobile offers
  • Automatic data collection connects the missing pieces in your consumer shopping behaviors

Waste Management

Waste Management Text Messaging Alerts

Handle of your customers’ needs, from pick-up requests to payment reminders, with efficient and effective text messages.

  • Automate appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Send real-time updates on pick up crew schedules
  • Conduct customer surveys and gather feedback

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