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  • Get Schooled - Student Engagement Text Messaging Case Study

    Get Schooled


    Get Schooled launched a text message hotline in California to connect Hispanic students with financial aid experts to answer their questions about college.

  • Alliance for Climate Education - Text Messaging Case Study

    Alliance for Climate Education


    Alliance for Climate Education used text messaging to successfully educate and empower young people on climate-change related issues.

  • People's Climate March - Text Messaging Case Study

    People’s Climate March


    In September of 2014, The New York City People’s Climate March used text messaging to recruit, organize, and rally hundreds of thousands of supporters.

  • Wendy Davis - Text Messaging Case Study

    Wendy Davis for Governor Campaign


    During the 2014 midterm elections, when Texas state Senate member Wendy Davis ran for Governor, her team chose text messaging as the ideal tool for their campaign’s needs.

  • Define American - Text Messaging Case Study

    Define American


    Define American built a mobile list of supporters and engaged them with text messaging to ask them to host watch parties for the CNN premiere of Documented, an award-winning documentary by Jose Antonio Vargas.

  • League of Conservation Voters - Text Messaging Case Study

    The League of Conservation of Voters


    The League of Conservation Voters used a multi-pronged text messaging strategy in order to help get out the vote in 2014.

  • Nick Jr and Nickelodeon - Text Messaging Case Study



    Nick Jr. used a text messaging sweepstakes to exponentially grow their mobile list within a short amount of time.

  • Humane Society of the United States - Text Messaging Case Study

    The Humane Society of the United States


    The Humane Society of the United States used text messaging to drive calls to the department store Kohl’s in order to get them to remove a falsely-advertised fake fur product from their shelves.

  • Food & Water Watch - Text Messaging Case Study

    Food & Water Watch


    Over 900 new mobile subscribers opted in to the Food & Water Watch’s Ban Fracking campaign in the week following the 2014 People’s Climate March.

  • Human Rights Campaign - Text Messaging Case Study

    Human Rights Campaign


    The Human Rights Campaign used text messaging in their fundraising campaigns. They found that mobile subscribers were 250% more likely to donate.

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