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    Voto Latino Finds Text Messaging to be an Effective Way to Register New Voters


    This election promises to be one of the most divisive in our nation’s history – and one that may come down to a razor-thin margin in a few crucial states. But millions of Americans may not have a voice, simply because they’re not registered to vote. Voto Latino wanted to take advantage of National Voter…

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    WWF Raises Awareness about a Photography Exhibition Using Targeted Mobile Messaging


    For the past five years, Mustafah Abdulaziz has been traveling the world, photographing its water systems—from spirituality on the Ganges to sewer pipes in the Bronx. New Yorkers can now see the results of his journey at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Water Stories, a photographic exhibition launched by the HSBC Water Programme—a collaboration with World Wildlife…

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    This Native American Tribe is Revolutionizing How Text Messaging Can Connect an Entire Community


    How do you use text messages to connect an entire community? At Mobile Commons, we’ve talked a lot about ways texting can bring citizens together. Schools can can communicate with parents and students. Local governments keep citizens informed about weather issues and civic emergencies. Medical professionals can offer broad access to vital health resources. Charities can keep people informed…

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    Top 5 Messaging Articles to Read This Week


    1. Facebook, Inc.’s Massive Bet on Messaging Is Looking Genius The importance of Facebook’s growing messaging service is particularly evident in recent updates for Messenger. 2. Text messaging enables meaningful, creative communication Text messaging is a frequent target of satire, so one university student analyzed hundreds of text messages to show that “text messaging is a meaningful and creative…

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    University Herald Suggests 3 Ways for College Administrators To Interact With Students Over Text


    From hospitals to hotels, more and more large institutions are communicating with their constituents over text message. Recently, higher ed has also been discovering that the best way to reach plugged-in college students is directly through their mobile phones. After all, they’re going to be glued to their phone screens anyway. University Herald offers institutions “three great…

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    Pew Finds that Sending Text Reminders Shortens Response Times from Survey Panelists


    When people get a text message, they’re more inclined to take action, faster. A new study from Pew Research Center gives new evidence that the little buzz in your pocket or your purse is a powerful reminder. Pew found that texts combined with emails would spur survey participants to respond much faster than people who…

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    Top 5 SMS Articles to Read This Week


    1. The Evolution of Mobile in Clinton and Trump’s Campaigns Mobile overall has been more salient in this election than ever before. Every candidate has applied a unique mobile strategy comprising of email, ads, and texting. Members of the larger candidate pool – Cruz, Kasich, and Sanders, in particular, embraced SMS as an integral part of…

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    New Study Shows That 9 out of 10 Consumers Want to Use Messaging to Interact with Businesses


    9 out of 10 consumers want to interact with businesses over messaging, and people prefer messaging to email. Those are just two of the key results from a new Twilio study, conducted with market research firm Vanson Bourn. Twilio talked to 6,000 consumers and found that “when it comes to communication convenience, there is usually…

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    Top 5 SMS Articles to Read This Week


    1. Have We Reached The Tipping Point Of The App Era? By sending a text message, brands can now allow for a customer to click a link and jump right into an “app” that doesn’t have to be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Notable for Marketing. 2. Facebook’s path into the messaging future An interesting, in-depth…

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    75% of Millennials Prefer Texting Over Talking


    “75% of Millennials would rather lose the ability to talk versus text,” writes MediaPost. That shocking statistic, based off a national survey by Open Market, shows just how far we’ve come to a culture fully connected to its phones – and gives a clear rallying cry to business and organizations seeking to connect with the…

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