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  • Newspapers folded

    Mobile Messaging News Roundup


    We’re starting a new feature on the Mobile Commons blog! Every week, our Lead Mobile Strategist Ti Chesley will post a roundup of the biggest news in mobile messaging.  Summary Judgment Granted: Recruiting Text Not Telemarketing or Advertisement Under TCPA. The plaintiff received a text message on his cellular phone which read, “Kale Realty named 2013…

  • 16-ntc-final

    This year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose was a bona fide triumph!


    The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), an annual gathering with the goal of building a stronger community of nonprofit professionals organized by the Nonprofit Technology Network, took place on March 23-25 2016 in San Jose. In line with goal of NTC, the Mobile Commons Strategy Team had an awesome chance to discover new innovations and technologies for sparking change, strengthen existing friendships and collaborations with…

  • bridges key image

    Promoting Text Campaigns with Celebrity Power


    When your organization or campaign has celebrity supporters, you want to maximize the value of every ask you make of them. They might be willing to tweet something on your behalf, film a TV spot, or raise money for you. No matter what it is, you should make your text to call action part of…

  • Man putting a ballot into a voting box - USA

    Get Your Supporters to the Polls with our Polling Place Locator


    The stakes this election are higher than ever. While people have complained in the past about interchangeable politicians, this primary season offers a range of candidates with vastly different values. So if you’re engaged in political advocacy, it’s crucial that you get your supporters to vote. Endorsing a candidate is one way to show your…

  • ds-logo_trademark’s New Text Message Game Lets Young People See Through the Eyes of a Civil Rights Activist


    When racial injustice is a daily headline, how does a high school teenager find the courage to take action and fight back? Our country’s history is filled with role models like the brave activists of the civil rights era. But lessons from the past can seem musty and stale to high school students now. How…

  • chattanooga on the map

    Chattanooga Uses Mobile Messaging to Keep Citizens Informed and Safe


    We’ve seen state governments like California and New Jersey and big cities like New York and San Francisco make powerful use of mobile messaging to keep citizens engaged. Mobile messaging can be a powerful tool for smaller cities too. The City of Chattanooga wanted a way to keep in touch with its citizens. When issues…

  • iStock_000059520100_Small

    Want More People to Download Your Sweet New App? Send it Out Over Text


    Developing an app is great – but how do you actually get people to download it? One simple and effective way to disseminate your apps is over text message. You can text out a link to your supporters to make it simple for them to download your app straight to their smartphones. By reaching out…

  • ds-logo_trademark Uses Text Messaging to Help Teens Fight Stress


    Stress and anxiety are on the rise among teenagers and college students. The New York Times reports that anxiety is the number one mental health problem on campus, and that “nearly one in six college students has been diagnosed with or treated for anxiety.” thought they could use mobile messages to help. Their members…

  • Mobile applications funnel linked to smart phone in hand concept vector illustration

    Mobile Messaging Rules in the Age of the Customer


    Five years ago, easy, application-to-person, communication between brands and marketers and their audiences was all but a dream. Fast forward to 2016, in what Forrester has dubbed “The Age of the Customer,” and customers demand it. The Age of the Customer is largely characterized by consumers empowered by the accessibility of information. The shift towards customer-led…

  • league of conservation voters logo

    League of Conservation Voters Uses A/B Testing to Learn More About Their Supporters


    Every organization’s supporters are different – so how do you best communicate with yours? The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) used A/B testing to find out what type of messages motivated their audience to action. When LCV wanted to build their mobile list, they weren’t sure about the best way to encourage their supporters to…

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