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    New Study Shows That 9 out of 10 Consumers Want to Use Messaging to Interact with Businesses


    9 out of 10 consumers want to interact with businesses over messaging, and people prefer messaging to email. Those are just two of the key results from a new Twilio study, conducted with market research firm Vanson Bourn. Twilio talked to 6,000 consumers and found that “when it comes to communication convenience, there is usually…

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    Top 5 SMS Articles to Read This Week


    1. Have We Reached The Tipping Point Of The App Era? By sending a text message, brands can now allow for a customer to click a link and jump right into an “app” that doesn’t have to be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Notable for Marketing. 2. Facebook’s path into the messaging future An interesting, in-depth…

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    75% of Millennials Prefer Texting Over Talking


    “75% of Millennials would rather lose the ability to talk versus text,” writes MediaPost. That shocking statistic, based off a national survey by Open Market, shows just how far we’ve come to a culture fully connected to its phones – and gives a clear rallying cry to business and organizations seeking to connect with the…

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    Top 5 SMS Articles to Read This Week


    1. The Future is Now: WeChat Allows Restaurant Service to Take a Great Leap Backward An entirely interaction-less dining experience. The author wasn’t impressed. 2. Are chatbots an evolution or a revolution? A great Venturebeat analysis. “Early use cases, however, are likely to be evolutionary enhancements to how we interact with existing software. But as users become more…

  • ingrid nilson period Uses Text Messages to Connect Homeless Shelters With Period Products


    Homeless shelters face a consistent shortage of period products. is using SMS to mobilize young activists who can help. With Power to the Period, the first national drive for period products in partnership with the U by Kotex brand, is encouraging their subscribers to collect and donate period products. They’re sending a series…

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    Fortune Discusses How Businesses Can Use Text to Reach Millennials


    “Most businesses are lagging far behind when it comes to how they communicate with [Millennials],” says an article in Fortune. Writer Rieva Lesonsky argues that even as Millennials turn to texting to communicate with the institutions and organizations in their lives, businesses are missing out on a major opportunity: Fewer than one-third (30 percent) of Millennials…

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    Top 5 SMS Articles to Read this Week


    1) Texting: Is it the Key to a Better College Transition? The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission developed a national text message counseling program that helps first-time college students transition more easily into college life. 2) Marketers leave text messaging untapped Only 29% of retailers use SMS, or short messaging service, text messages to communicate to…

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    Meet Jess from HFA


    Companies, brands, and organizations often face a common problem when they’re launching their text messaging campaigns. How do you harness the power of text to reach thousands or millions of people – while also keeping text’s personal, conversational tone? How do you communicate at scale without sounding like a robot or a press release? Hillary…

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    Mandalay Bay Uses SMS to Help Book Their Guests


      We wrote yesterday that hotels are using text messages to connect their guests with amenities. Las Vegas hotel Mandalay Bay is going even further. They’re helping guests book their hotel stays over text. The Tatango blog writes that one SMS promotion from Mandalay Bay “links SMS subscribers directly to their reservations page, which is mobile…

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    3 Key Pieces of SMS Advice from a Millennial


    “Millennials are a bunch of tech-addicted, attention-span deficient, Snapchatting, texting-thumb-suffering zombies.” And that’s exactly why they’re the best people to ask about SMS strategy! In this fantastic column from M+R Strategic Services, real-life Millennial Rachael Solber breaks down three smart tips to make the most of your text message outreach. 1) Make It Easy Let…

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