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    Half of Consumers Get Mad If Your Business Won’t Let Them Text


      Consumers don’t just want you to text them. They’ll get mad if you won’t. According to a new study out of cloud communications provider Flowroute, 47% of consumers said they’d react negatively if a company didn’t offer a way to text. Flowroute conducted a nationwide survey of 1,300 people to explore how consumers like…

  • PreP screenshot

    New York Orgs are Using Text Messages to Help Bust Myths around PrEP


    A coalition of 51 New York LGBT organizations and agencies are using using text messaging to help fight the stigma around PrEP. The “Bust the Myths, Get the Facts” campaign, launched on World AIDS Day, lets people sign up to receive informational texts and get connected to a provider near them. “By using a new…

  • apple pay

    You Can Now Use Apple Pay to Simplify Mobile Donations


    When you’re asking for money, you want to make it as easy as possible for your constituents to give. That’s especially true around the holidays, when important requests for donations have to compete with gift buying, travel plans, and the typical chaos of daily life. Even well-meaning donors can abandon a form half completed. Now…

  • abby jarvis

    6 Tips for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


    by Abby Jarvis. It’s clear that mobile fundraising is here to stay. In fact, 25% of donors complete their donations on mobile phones. How do you go about engaging these donors? By incorporating mobile outreach into your next peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising campaign. Because P2P fundraising is such a social way to engage donors, you can attract…

  • autocorrect

    Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week


    1. Beware of Autocorrect! Since SMS messaging programs are triggered by a keyword, an untimely autocorrect can mess up everything. Tatango offers some smart advice to SMS marketers, including avoiding made-up words and steering clear of two-word phrases. 2. Consumers Overwhelmingly Prefer SMS to Email and Voice for Business Interactions Flowroute, Inc., a leading provider of cloud…

  • Couple In Pajamas Brushing Teeth And Using Mobile Phone

    The Ad Council Helps Parents Improve Kids’ Oral Health with a Text Brushing Challenge


    Kids hate brushing their teeth, and parents hate the constant struggle of reminding them. But dental decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease in the United States, affecting 16.5 million children – especially children in low-income families. In a national survey, the Ad Council found that 75% of parents report that their kids…

  • Ti Chesley - Lead Mobile Strategist - Headshot

    Join Ti Chesley at the DC Cause Marketing Summit and Learn about the SMS Renaissance


    Are you in DC tomorrow? Come join Ti Chesley, our Director of Customer Success, at Cause Marketing Summit DC. Ti will be speaking from 1:30 to 2 pm on Text Messaging: Engage Your Community & See Results.  Ti will be discussing the “SMS renaissance.” Just a few years ago, some were calling text messaging an out-of-date technology.…

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    “Text Consumers or Risk Irrelevancy in 2017”


    “71% of online retailers are not addressing consumer communication preferences” says an article in Mobile Marketing Weekly. The statistic, based off an OpenMarket research poll, found that even as consumers are clamoring for SMS communication, most e-retailers haven’t adopted it into their outreach plans. Consumers – especially Millennials – overwhelmingly prefer to communicate with companies using…

  • stanford chemical sms

    Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week


    1. Researchers send text message using chemicals A lab at Stanford replaced electric 1s and 0s with pulses of vinegar (an acid) and glass cleaner (a base). Whaaaaat? 2. Why Your Small Business Should be Using SMS for Customer Communications “Nearly 80 percent of people wish they could contact businesses via text.” This article gives small businesses some…

  • People Celebration Success Working Successful Concept

    October Was Mobile Commons’ Biggest Month Ever!


    October was Mobile Commons’ biggest month ever! Our customers sent tens of millions of texts throughout the month, blowing past our previous record-holder – which was actually the previous month, September. Of course, this was only a big month for us because of all the innovative, fantastic work from our customers. The election in particular…

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