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    86% of Diabetes Patients Change Their Behaviors After Receiving Text Messages


    A new study out of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia shows – once again – how text messages can inspire people to change their behaviors. According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, diabetes educator Janice Miller wanted to explore how text messages might help a group of patients with uncontrolled diabetes. She authored a…

  • Hand holding tablet or modern smart phone. Internet of things (IOT) background concept.

    SMS Will Help Power the Internet of Things, Say Industry Experts


    If you listen to just about any futurist or tech guru, the Internet of Things is the next big revolution that’s going to sweep our lives. It’s also set to be a massive stage for SMS messaging. According to an article in Capacity Media, a panel of industry experts at this year’s Messaging and SMS…

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    iOS 10 Changed the Way that Links Show Up on iPhones. Here’s What You Need to Know.


    A mobile messaging campaign can be a great way to send out web links– spreading information, resources, and product offers to your subscribers. If you’re sending out links over text, you need to know about a big update in iOS 10. Apple has changed the way that hyperlinks show up on iOS devices, like iPhones…

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    Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week


    1. 4 ways retailers can engage holiday shoppers via SMS This holiday season, retailers are pulling out all the stops for last-minute, pre-Christmas sales. This article suggests some SMS strategies to help them connect with consumers. 2. Can Text Messages Encourage Better Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Workers? Compliance increased from just below 15% to 23%. 3. Daily…

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    Half of Consumers Get Mad If Your Business Won’t Let Them Text


      Consumers don’t just want you to text them. They’ll get mad if you won’t. According to a new study out of cloud communications provider Flowroute, 47% of consumers said they’d react negatively if a company didn’t offer a way to text. Flowroute conducted a nationwide survey of 1,300 people to explore how consumers like…

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    New York Orgs are Using Text Messages to Help Bust Myths around PrEP


    A coalition of 51 New York LGBT organizations and agencies are using using text messaging to help fight the stigma around PrEP. The “Bust the Myths, Get the Facts” campaign, launched on World AIDS Day, lets people sign up to receive informational texts and get connected to a provider near them. “By using a new…

  • apple pay

    You Can Now Use Apple Pay to Simplify Mobile Donations


    When you’re asking for money, you want to make it as easy as possible for your constituents to give. That’s especially true around the holidays, when important requests for donations have to compete with gift buying, travel plans, and the typical chaos of daily life. Even well-meaning donors can abandon a form half completed. Now…

  • abby jarvis

    6 Tips for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


    by Abby Jarvis. It’s clear that mobile fundraising is here to stay. In fact, 25% of donors complete their donations on mobile phones. How do you go about engaging these donors? By incorporating mobile outreach into your next peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising campaign. Because P2P fundraising is such a social way to engage donors, you can attract…

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    Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week


    1. Beware of Autocorrect! Since SMS messaging programs are triggered by a keyword, an untimely autocorrect can mess up everything. Tatango offers some smart advice to SMS marketers, including avoiding made-up words and steering clear of two-word phrases. 2. Consumers Overwhelmingly Prefer SMS to Email and Voice for Business Interactions Flowroute, Inc., a leading provider of cloud…

  • Couple In Pajamas Brushing Teeth And Using Mobile Phone

    The Ad Council Helps Parents Improve Kids’ Oral Health with a Text Brushing Challenge


    Kids hate brushing their teeth, and parents hate the constant struggle of reminding them. But dental decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease in the United States, affecting 16.5 million children – especially children in low-income families. In a national survey, the Ad Council found that 75% of parents report that their kids…

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