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  • jed alpert

    Hear Jed Alpert on the Brian Lehrer Show


    Our CEO, Jed Alpert, went on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show to talk about texting, mobile engagement and his new book, The Mobile Marketing Revolution: How Your Brand Can Have a One-to-One Conversation with Everyone. Lehrer and Alpert talk about the power of mobile engagement, particularly when mobile is integrated with other media; how mobile communications…

  • unicef logo

    Selena Gomez Raises Awareness About the Sahel Food Crisis


    Actress and recording artist Selena Gomez is using her star power to raise awareness about famine in Africa. Gomez is an ambassador for UNICEF, and has recorded a PSA asking young people to text in to donate $10 to fight the Sahel food crisis. In the PSA, Gomez gives a brief overview of what’s at…

  • Mobile Marketing Book

    TechCocktail Features the Mobile Marketing Revolution


    TechCocktail, a website dedicated to emerging technology and innovation, just had a great book preview of Jed Alpert’s new book, The Mobile Marketing Revolution: How Your Brand Can have a One to One Conversation with Everyone. The post, titled “Social Media Isn’t Enough,” excerpts a chapter of the book that discusses how aggressive social media…

  • Mobile Commons MC

    How To: Setup a Phone Opt-In Path


    In this How To video, we walk you through how to setup a phone opt-in path from the Mobile Commons system.

  • staff pic - jed

    Jed Alpert on the Mobile Beyond Podcast


    Our CEO, Jed Alpert, went on the Mobile Beyond podcast to talk about his new book, The Mobile Marketing Revolution, and how companies can best take advantage of the fast-changing opportunities offered by mobile communications. The far ranging conversation talks about when a mobile app works and when it doesn’t, the mobile web, and why every…

  • nyc health

    NYC Department of Health Doubles Smokers’ Quit Rates Through SMS


    When the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene piloted a smoking cessation text messaging campaign, they got remarkable results. Not only did the text campaign double quite rates in heavy smokers, it also greatly decreased the likelihood of smoking again for certain groups. Here’s how it worked. The NYC Department of Health…

  • Mobile Commons MC

    How To: Schedule a Broadcast


    In this How To video, we walk you through how to schedule a new broadcast to your mobile list from the Mobile Commons system.

  • bully’s Bully Project Launches a Survey Via Text and Email


    The riveting new documentary Bully is not just taking on bullying in the theaters. It’s also using a powerful web and mobile campaign to mobilize kids and adults across the country to take action on this heartbreaking issue. Joining forces with the film are’s Bully Project, Spark Notes, and teen spokesperson Victoria Justice. Central…

  • trayvon

    “Justice for Trayvon” Mobilizes Support with Text Campaign


    In the wake of the tragic and racially fraught shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Marton, the Justice for Trayvon movement has gained a huge crowd of vocal supporters. Now, backing the movement has become as easy and immediate as sending a text. By texting TRAYVON to 30644, supporters enter a quick text conversation that allows them…

  • live person logo

    Create Real-Time Text Chat Through Our LivePerson SMS Integration


    A mobile messaging campaign is conversational by its very nature. You text out information to a wide number of people; they respond; then you send them further information based on their responses. For most organizations, those conversations are largely automated. In some cases, an organization might want to have its staff members send direct messages…

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