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    Create Text Message SMS Campaigns that Sync with Blackbaud


    One of the biggest challenges of running any outreach campaign is keeping track of all the information. That’s why Mobile Commons syncs all of our campaign information with our CRM partners. So if you’re a Blackbaud customer looking to create a mobile marketing campaign, we make it easy to add mobile reach to your existing marketing…

  • jed alpert

    Jed Alpert Talks about “Starting the Conversation”


    Our CEO Jed Alpert recently sat down with Oracle’s Profit magazine to discuss how a mobile campaign can extend an organization’s existing communications – and what companies are doing wrong. He also gave some introductory thoughts for executives who are thinking of launching their own mobile campaigns: First, look at all the preexisting ways your…

  • text sudan to 30644

    Enough Project and George Clooney Draw Attention to Sudan War Crimes


    To call attention to the growing incidence of war crimes in Sudan, the Enough Project is creating a series of viral videos you can’t look away from. One video shows George Clooney in Sudan, where the humanitarian crisis grows worse by the day, visiting displaced people living in caves because they are bombed several times…

  • gamification icon

    Get People to Do What You Want Them To by Turning Your Everyday Outreach into a Game


    When the non-profit wants to mobilize its teen audience, they do it by text. As their CEO Nancy Lublin has said, “If you want to reach teens, you’re … better off sending them a text message.” But last summer, when wanted to catalyze an especially intense outpouring of activism in a short period…

  • citizenshipworks logo

    CitizenshipWorks Connects Immigrants With Low-Cost Legal Help


    For millions of people around the world, becoming a United States citizen is a long-held dream, the doorway to opportunity. But many immigrants find that, once they arrive on American soil, the actual process of becoming a citizen is a confusing legal morass. Many can’t afford the costly price of lawyers. Many more don’t know…

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    Mobile Strategy: Targeting Your Message


    One of a mobile campaign’s most transformational powers is the ability to personalize your message. Rather than blast a message out to “everyone,” you can reach out to specific individuals. That turns what might have been broad outreach into something meaningful and actionable. In this video, we explain how Mobile Commons can help you target…

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    MediaPost Features Mobile Commons on how Brands Can Offer Value


    Here’s a terrific article from MediaPost about how brands can truly “offer value” to their most loyal customers. By focusing on actual engagement instead of gimmicks, an organization can develop long-term relationships with their users that extend far beyond a one-off interaction. The article highlights Mobile Commons as an exemplar of that strategy, and is…

  • Mobile Marketing Book

    Learn the best practices of mobile with the Mobile Marketing Revolution


    Our CEO, Jed Alpert, has written a book laying out the best practices for mobile engagement that he’s learned working with thousands of companies, non-profits, government agencies, political groups, healthcare companies, and basically every other type of organization. The book details actual use cases from some of the most innovative and successful mobile campaigns in…

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    Start Smart for Your Baby Delivers Health Information to New Moms via Text


    Expectant and new mothers can now receive health information on their mobile phones.  That’s because Centene Corporation, a managed care provider, has launched their new Start Smart for Your Baby texting program. Start Smart for Your Baby is an easy and instant way for health care providers to send helpful pregnancy advice to women on…

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    6 Ways that Mobile Can Make your Event Bigger, Better, and Easier to Run


    Planning an event, a conference, or a convention can be an overwhelming task. Between managing the logistics of attendees, sponsors, panels, speakers, booth setup, and a billion other details, the process can be staggering. That’s why Mobile Commons has created a suite of products that use the magic of SMS technology to make your event…

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