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    Meet Jess from HFA


    Companies, brands, and organizations often face a common problem when they’re launching their text messaging campaigns. How do you harness the power of text to reach thousands or millions of people – while also keeping text’s personal, conversational tone? How do you communicate at scale without sounding like a robot or a press release? Hillary…

  • Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

    Mandalay Bay Uses SMS to Help Book Their Guests


      We wrote yesterday that hotels are using text messages to connect their guests with amenities. Las Vegas hotel Mandalay Bay is going even further. They’re helping guests book their hotel stays over text. The Tatango blog writes that one SMS promotion from Mandalay Bay “links SMS subscribers directly to their reservations page, which is mobile…

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    3 Key Pieces of SMS Advice from a Millennial


    “Millennials are a bunch of tech-addicted, attention-span deficient, Snapchatting, texting-thumb-suffering zombies.” And that’s exactly why they’re the best people to ask about SMS strategy! In this fantastic column from M+R Strategic Services, real-life Millennial Rachael Solber breaks down three smart tips to make the most of your text message outreach. 1) Make It Easy Let…

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    Hotels Turn to Text Messaging to Communicate with their Guests


    When you’re staying at a hotel on the road, who wants to actually call the front desk to request extra towels? Wouldn’t it be easier to just send a text message? That’s the verdict that hotel chains around the country are reaching. According to USA Today, “Hotels are increasingly finding that the best way to…

  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - March22, 2016 Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel luxury resorts in Las Vegas, with palm tree. Located at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip

    Your Weekly SMS News Roundup


    Book Your Next Hotel Stay at Mandalay Bay via Text Message – Hipcricket customer Mandalay Bay lets guests book their stays over SMS. Express Text Message Advertising Examples – The clothing retailer Express commonly uses different SMS keywords for different SMS promotions, or to track opt-ins or engagement from different advertising sources. E-Complish’s Text Message Payment System Is Ideal for…

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    Four Things You Can Learn from Hillary’s VP Text


    Last Friday, Hillary Clinton announced her VP pick of Time Kaine over text message – a move that Wired magazine called “the ultimate text from Hillary.” But Hillary’s text was more than just a great political moment. It was also brilliant SMS strategy. Below we’ve laid out four things you can learn from Hillary’s text,…

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    Wired Says that “Clinton’s VP Announcement is the Ultimate Text From Hillary”


    Last Friday, Hillary Clinton announced her vice presidential pick Tim Kaine over text message. Hillary’s choice of SMS – before a press conference, a Facebook post, or even a tweet – was a big moment in the history of political technology. Wired magazine called it “the ultimate text from Hillary” – and said the choice…

  • meredith begin

    Three Tips to Create a Great Call-In Campaign


    We live in a digital age. Communities form over the Internet, through social media, text messaging, and apps. But because everything is digital all the time, that can make it hard to get your message heard out in the real world. To cut through the clutter, nothing beats a call-in campaign – especially a call-in…

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    Your Weekly Mobile News Roundup


    Hotels Embrace Text Messaging – An article in USA Today notes that hotels texting guests is becoming more commonplace. Updated CTIA Short Code Monitoring Handbook – Version 1.6. – Most notably, opt-out information on calls-to-action no longer needs to appear in bold typeface! Huge news…? E-Complish’s Text Message Payment System Is Ideal for On-the-Go Businesses & Consumers – A new text-based payment system…

  • smart phone apps per month

    Most Smartphone Users Download Zero Apps Per Month


    65.5% of smartphone users download zero apps in a typical month, according to comScore. Creating a smartphone app can seem like a great way to connect with your core supporters. But apps can be expensive to develop – and for every Pokemon Go, there are a thousand apps that languish in the Apple store un-downloaded.…

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