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    Everytown for Gun Safety Adds Mobile Fields to Its Forms, Sees Consistent List Growth


    Everytown for Gun Safety has seen big success from their mobile outreach. They’ve found that text messages help them quickly engage their community of supporters at both the national and the local levels. “Once people opt in to our mobile list, we can send them local volunteer opportunities, alert them to lobby days, and spread…

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    The New York Times Says Text Messages Can Help Underprivileged Students Enroll in College


    A college education is increasingly important. According to Pew, college graduates earn more, are 3x less likely to be unemployed, and are dramatically less likely to live in poverty. Yet many lower-income students never make it to college – even after they’ve been accepted. The New York Times reports that every year, 200,000 students who are…

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    Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week


    1. Here’s how millennials are impacting the future of communication Business Insider explores the shifting trends in communication. As email declines, chat apps and text messaging are on the rise. 2. 4 Reasons for Large Scale SMS Text Surveys in Developing Countries Researchers developed a study to test the efficacy of SMS surveys in developing countries. The…

  • Two smiling blond Caucasian girls with knit hat, scarf and winter coat stand outdoors looking at a smartphone to take a selfie picture, Rochester, MN, USA

    Pamal Broadcasting Keeps Local Residents Informed & Safe through Instant Alerts


    Winter is a chaotic time for many communities. Snow storms strike, schools close, and many institutions must reschedule their events. But organizations have trouble spreading the news before teachers, students, and members trek through the bad weather to find a locked door. Enter Pamal Broadcasting, which runs radio stations WSPK and WHUD in upstate New…

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    The Nature Conservancy Grew Its Mobile List 800% with One Simple Change


    Sometimes the greatest successes are inspired by first coming up short. That’s exactly what happened to Ethan Kearns, Mobile Manager at The Nature Conservancy, who didn’t quite meet his 2015 mobile goals. “We had a target in 2015 to grow our mobile list from 5,000 people to 15,000 people. At the end of the year,…

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    Top 5 Mobile Articles to Read This Week


    1. Understanding the New Era of Mobile Messaging “Businesses across multiple vertical sectors like financial, retail and healthcare are increasingly turning to SMS.” Mobile Marketing Watch explores how, in a world of fragmenting OTT messaging apps, SMS remains the only ubiquitous global messaging platform. 2. How Reply Yes Messaging Works Unlike Peach who asks their users to…

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    Voto Latino Tripled Their Mobile List in One Month. Here’s How.


    At Mobile Commons, we’re always interested in seeing the successful strategies that help elevate our customers’ SMS campaigns. We’ve developed a pretty good set of best practices over the years – but sometimes, a customer sees such off-the-charts success, that we want to explore what happened so we can learn new tactics. That’s exactly what…

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    Talking Sex Together (TxT) Launches a Clinic Locator to Help Iowa Teens Find Local Sexual Health Resources


    Sexual health can be a confusing subject for teenagers. Young people have big questions, but the Internet is filled with misinformation, and often there isn’t anybody in their lives they feel comfortable asking. For years, Iowa’s TxT program has been offering reliable help. They provide free, anonymous counseling to young people desperately in need of…

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    Why Apple Relies on SMS


    When you think about Apple’s technology, most people imagine sleek space gray laptops, best-in-class smart phones, and wearable technology. But when Apple needs to communicate with its customers, they often still turn to the humble text message. On a recent episode of SalesForce’s Marketing Cloud podcast, cohosts Heike Young and Joel Book interview Greg Murphy,…

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    86% of Diabetes Patients Change Their Behaviors After Receiving Text Messages


    A new study out of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia shows – once again – how text messages can inspire people to change their behaviors. According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, diabetes educator Janice Miller wanted to explore how text messages might help a group of patients with uncontrolled diabetes. She authored a…

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