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  • Nonprofit Technology Conference Exhibitor

    What to Expect at 2016’s NTC


    Are you going to NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference this year? Here are some can’t-miss breakout sessions and events.

  • Healthcare marketing professional

    The Smartphone Generation and Healthcare Marketing


    The “smartphone-only” generation is here. Here are examples of how healthcare providers can connect with them via multi-channel and SMS campaigns.

  • Summer melt prevention programs

    What You Can Do to Kick Off Your Summer Melt Prevention Program Right Now!


    It’s only February, but that doesn’t mean universities and colleges should wait to prepare and launch their summer melt prevention programs. Text messaging has proven to be an effective method to prevent summer melt, a phenomenon where high school students accepted to college fail to matriculate in the fall. If you want to get a…

  • Mobile subscriber shopping

    Experian Explores the Value of Mobile Subscribers


    What’s the value of mobile subscribers to your business? This article shows how mobile subscribers add to the bottom line and suggests ways to attract them.

  • Text message appointment reminders

    Text Message Appointment Reminders Improve Bottom Line for Healthcare Providers


    Missed appointments drain an estimated $150 billion a year from America’s healthcare system — a fact that comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with medical practice management. The math is obvious: When patients don’t show up, providers don’t make money. The conventional approach to the no-show dilemma always has been the same: Reach out…

  • Nonprofit email click-through rates are declining

    How to Combat Declining Email Open and Click-Through Rates


    If you’re running a nonprofit, the chances are the people you most want to reach aren’t reading your emails. An article in the Nonprofit Times cites research from Blackbaud’s Luminate Online Report which shows that nonprofits need to take a different approach to reaching their target market. The Problem of Unopened Emails According to the…

  • SMS as an operating system

    How Text Messaging Will Change for the Better in 2016


     As recently as three years ago, reputable sources wondered if text messaging — after a two-decade ramp-up — had peaked in popularity. Those predictions turned out to be starkly premature, as 97 percent of American smartphone owners text at least once a day, with many of them saying they had done so within the past…

  • Study: Text messaging leads to behavior change

    SMS Thought Leadership Series: Text Messaging Strategies for Behavior Change


    Add one more study to the growing body of evidence supporting the use of text messaging to promote healthy behaviors. A recent clinical trial on reducing binge drinking among young adults revealed some interesting insights on how to design effective SMS interventions. Tackling Binge Drinking With Text Messaging The study consisted of a 12-week randomized controlled trial of a…

  • Group of WeChat users

    Lessons Learned From WeChat’s Dominance in China


    WeChat, called Weixin in China, is the most popular mobile app in China. Owned by Tencent, WeChat originally launched in 2011 as a messaging app. As of December 2015, it boasts 650 million monthly active users globally. WeChat’s popularity is telling of a transformation within the mobile space that is occurring not just in China,…

  • SMS customer engagement

    SMS: The Missing Link in Customer Engagement?


    If you want to get customers’ attention, SMS messaging is the answer. With a high read and response rate, it beats push messaging for customer engagement.

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