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    Most Smartphone Users Download Zero Apps Per Month


    65.5% of smartphone users download zero apps in a typical month, according to comScore. Creating a smartphone app can seem like a great way to connect with your core supporters. But apps can be expensive to develop – and for every Pokemon Go, there are a thousand apps that languish in the Apple store un-downloaded.…

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    Greenpeace’s Mobile Subscribers Were 60% More Likely to Become Monthly Donors than Non-Subscribers


    Challenge: How Do You Turn Supporters Into Monthly Sustainers? Fundraising is a perennial challenge for any nonprofit. With so many great causes and an unstable economy, it can be difficult to raise donations. Even an organization’s most committed donors can forget to make their usual gifts. That’s why Greenpeace phone bankers called their supporters and asked…

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    Your Weekly Mobile News & Strategy Roundup


    SMS to success with new technology for small business – an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about how small businesses using SMS. How you can use SMS in modern marketing – Strategy will make or break an SMS campaign. Here are some good tips for engagement. How SMS = Real-Time Engagement, Lifetime Loyalty – Tim Fujita-Yuhas, Director of Product…

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    How Should YOU Be Using Mobile? Let These 4 Organizations Be Your Guide


    This post originally appeared on Salsa Labs’ blog. For the original post, click here. Everybody knows that mobile is the best platform to reach the most people. But sometimes, the medium can seem so vast and powerful, that it can be hard to get specific about what, exactly, your organization should be doing. We at…

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    Everytown & Moms Demand Action Drive 188,000 People to Call Congress in Support of #NoBillNoBreak


    Challenge: How do you turn a mass movement of popular support into real political pressure? Since the Orlando shooting, gun violence prevention has been a national flashpoint. However, even in the wake of tragedy, real legislative change stalled in Congress. Gun safety politicians have been taking extreme measures to force the issue. In early June,…

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    The Brady Campaign Uses Mobile Commons Advocacy to Turn Massive Social Support Into Political Action During Senator Murphy’s Filibuster


    Over the past weeks since the Orlando shooting, an outraged nation has demanded more gun control. On June 15, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy launched a filibuster on the Senate floor to call on Congress to act and bring existing legislation to a vote. “I am prepared to stand on the Senate floor and talk about…

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    The United Auto Workers Use a Crucial Negotiation to Double Their List Size


    Last fall, with a contract renewal looming, the United Auto Workers were negotiating with the Detroit Three auto manufacturers. The negotiations extended past their expected close in September, and on into the late days of November. As the negotiations dragged on, eager auto workers wanted to hear updates about how the discussions were progressing. The…

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    Asking for Donations Online: 7 Proven Strategies


    by Abby Jarvis We’ve all read the reports: online giving has surged in popularity in the past decade, and it’s getting more popular every year. Millions of donors now give with just a few clicks instead of mailing in checks or giving their information over the phone (although some donors still prefer those methods!). Because…

  • HSUS

    4 Simple Ways that Mobile Messaging Can Drive Donations


    The latest M+R benchmarks study had some big news for nonprofit fundraising: Donors are giving more and more from their mobile phones. “13% of online gifts were made from mobile devices,” the study reports. In response, Mashable wrote that “Nonprofits should be giving more attention to mobile.” We at Mobile Commons figured this would be…

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    Shine Brightens Your Day with Inspirational Texts


    Can a little AM encouragement change your entire attitude? The cofounders of Shine, a new text messaging service, believe that a simple text can transform your day. Shine sends its subscribers motivational texts every morning at 8:30 AM. It’s a brief snippet of insight and inspiration to help brighten your day. “We try to affirm…

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