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  • earth-hour

    WWF Uses Text Messaging to Help Celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Earth Hour


    Earth Hour – a global movement organized by World Wildlife Fund – encourages people around the world to do something simple: turn off their lights. Every year, towards the end of March, Earth Hour asks people and organizations to join together for one lightless hour as a symbol of their commitment to the environment.  As…

  • ballot boxers

    New Study Shows that Text Messages Drive Voter Turnout


    A new study out of Denmark shows that GOTV text messages increase voter turnout. The report analyzed four SMS studies with over 300,000 participants, and discovered that text messages increased turnout by an average of 0.74 percentage points. Additionally, the study found that “messages delivered before Election Day … have a higher effect than those…

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    Wall Street Journal Considers the Flip to Feature Phones


    “Last year, 24.2 million so-called feature phones shipped in the U.S., nearly 2 million more than the year before,” writes tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler in the Wall Street Journal. “Roughly one in seven Americans isn’t buying into the new dogma that a smartphone is the answer to everything.” Feature phones – aka flip phones –…

  • Bread nutrition facts

    3 Consumer Groups Drive Nearly 70,000 Calls and Defeat the DARK Act


    When a crucial piece of legislation is working its way through Congress, how do you mobilize your supporters and make sure their voices are heard on Capitol Hill? Food & Water Watch, the Organic Consumers Association, and the Environmental Working Group faced this very question. Consumer groups have been fighting for years to make labeling…

  • Mashable Logo

    “Nonprofits Should Be Giving More Attention to Mobile,” Says Mashable


    Earlier this week, communications agency M+R released their annual benchmark study, which analyzes over 2.8 billion emails from 100 leading nonprofits. In an overview of key takeaways, Mashable reports, “Nonprofits still heavily rely on email to promote their causes, when they should be giving more attention to mobile and social media.” Email open rates, click-through…

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    6 FREE and Simple Tools to Help Nonprofits Make Great Calls-to-Action


    We live in a world of images. Whether you’re creating a Twitter meme or an email to your constituents, a strong image can help define your organization and become a viral hit among your supporters. Strong images are also crucial in promoting your mobile campaign. The best way to get people to sign up for…

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    Promoting Text Campaigns with Celebrity Power


    When your organization or campaign has celebrity supporters, you want to maximize the value of every ask you make of them. They might be willing to tweet something on your behalf, film a TV spot, or raise money for you. No matter what it is, you should make your text to call action part of…

  • Man putting a ballot into a voting box - USA

    Get Your Supporters to the Polls with our Polling Place Locator


    The stakes this election are higher than ever. While people have complained in the past about interchangeable politicians, this primary season offers a range of candidates with vastly different values. So if you’re engaged in political advocacy, it’s crucial that you get your supporters to vote. Endorsing a candidate is one way to show your…

  • ds-logo_trademark’s New Text Message Game Lets Young People See Through the Eyes of a Civil Rights Activist


    When racial injustice is a daily headline, how does a high school teenager find the courage to take action and fight back? Our country’s history is filled with role models like the brave activists of the civil rights era. But lessons from the past can seem musty and stale to high school students now. How…

  • chattanooga on the map

    Chattanooga Uses Mobile Messaging to Keep Citizens Informed and Safe


    We’ve seen state governments like California and New Jersey and big cities like New York and San Francisco make powerful use of mobile messaging to keep citizens engaged. Mobile messaging can be a powerful tool for smaller cities too. The City of Chattanooga wanted a way to keep in touch with its citizens. When issues…

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