3 Ways To Use Text Messaging During the Summer Holidays


Summer is synonymous with fun: outdoor events during the day and into night, with a cold beverage in your hand for all of it. This summer, use text messaging to stay in touch with your community. Here are three ways to grow, engage, and alert your mobile list in order to make sure that they enjoy the summer as much as possible.

Grow your mobile list by offering updates on summertime events 

Summer is replete with occasions for celebration: the Fourth of July, barbeques, warm weather, and more. A great way to incentivize people to sign up for your mobile list is to offer people the opportunity to find out about fun events via text message.

To get started, advertise your call to action where your target audience is likely to see it. Public transportation, social media, web forms, and in person events are all great places to start. Your call to action should clearly display your keyword and shortcode (e.g. Text SUMMER to 662266) and let people know what to expect when they subscribe to your mobile list. For example, be specific about the kind of information they will receive, such as alerts for outdoor moving screenings, reminders for upcoming free summer concerts and festivals, or details on local block parties.

You can take your SMS campaign a step further by creating different campaigns for different types of events. For example, the WNYC ran several campaigns to inform New Yorkers of different summer concerts, including the Summer Stage summer series, the Celebrate Brooklyn festival, and a series of classical concerts from WQXR.

Whatever kinds of text messages you choose to send, people will be happy to know that your organization is interested in fostering both a sense of community and ongoing relationship with them.

Engage your mobile list with an automated text message service

union privilegeSince a text message is 160 characters or less, it’s a great way to share fun or helpful tidbits of information with consumers. Union Privilege, for instance, allows members on its mobile list to text in the name of the beer they are drinking to find out whether it is union made or not.

Other organizations offer location-based databases to inform residents of nearby events or resources. The NYC Department of Health, for example, encourages people to text in their zip code to find the location of the nearest farmer’s markets. Share Our Strength by No Kid Hungry runs a program every year that helps families find free summer meals for their children in their communities.

tumblr_nao43pPCBB1r1120lo1_500Automated text message services make it convenient for people to find information no matter where they are or what phone they have. Rather than searching through a long list of locations online or in print, they can send a quick text message and immediately receive the information relevant to their needs.

Alert your mobile list to news in their area

Not everything in life goes according to plan – and at one time or another, your subscribers will undoubtedly encounter obstacles that require a change in their plans. At these times, text messaging is a great tool for notifying your subscribers of these unexpected changes.

Screen-Shot-2014-06-10-at-1.55.59-PMThe Sierra Club, for instance, has a text messaging program that alerts its users to unhealthy levels of smog that make it dangerous to go outside. The NYC DOH uses text messaging to let people know when to not go to the beach due to water contamination. And some cities use text messaging in their department of transportation to alert drivers to construction related route changes!

No matter the situation, text messaging is a great resource for fielding location based data and turning it around to your mobile subscribers so that they can continue to go about their lives – and you, in turn, can continue offering them the consistent engagement that makes them want to be a part of your organization’s mobile list.

We hope that these three ideas got your wheels turning on the fun things your organization can do with text messaging this summer! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at sales@mobilecommons.com.

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