Mobile Commons Supports Special Language Character Sets


Mobile Commons is proud to announce that our platform now supports the UCS2 language character set, in addition to the universal ASCII and the GSM language character sets. Simply speaking, this means that text messages sent from the Mobile Commons platform can now include special characters such as the umlaut (ü), and the enye (ñ), and other diacritical marks. This new feature is available to all our customers, and allows them to more accurately message their subscribers in other languages besides English.

How to add special characters to your text messages in the Mobile Commons Platform

Customers who wish to send a text message that includes special characters can type out the message the same way that they would any other message on the Mobile Commons platform. The message, special characters included, will broadcast to subscribers as usual.

However, customers should take note of the fact that using special characters will reduce the amount of characters that they can send per text message. Usually, a text message is limited to 160 characters. When you insert a special language character such as the umlaut or enye, it takes more data for the character to be sent correctly. Therefore, any text message that contains a special character will be limited to 70 characters per message. Mobile Commons accommodates for this change by noting the new character limit to the lower right of the text box.

For example, here is a screenshot of a sample Spanish language campaign in Mobile Commons that shows the original message as having 134 characters left. However, as soon as a special character is inserted, that number drops to 34.

without special character

with special characters

To bring the character count back up to 160, simply delete the special characters and the original character count will be restored.

Customers should also be aware that while most mobile phones support the usage of special characters, there are some exceptions with older feature phones, which may have trouble displaying them in the correct format.

Mobile Commons is happy that we can offer our customers a more sophisticated use of text messaging technology, and are excited to see what our customers do with this new feature. If you have any questions about the Mobile Commons platform, reach out to your mobile strategist or contact us at

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