Three Brilliant Consumer Text Messaging Campaigns


According to a recent report by eMarket, mobile marketing spending is expected to jump 83% this year. As over 90% of companies plan to increase their mobile spending budget, more and more innovative uses of text messaging are cropping up. Here are three smart campaigns that use text messaging to help promote their products.

Quirky – A Mobile Campaign for a Mobile-Controlled Product

When Quirky teamed up with GE to develop a mobile-controlled air conditioner, they wanted an equally smart marketing campaign to promote it. So they worked with Poncho, a weather alert system that sends out daily forecasts through text messages. Any time the temperatures in the NYC or Boston region spiked above 75 degrees, subscribers to Poncho in those cities would receive a text message with a promotional link to buy the Quirky air conditioner.


The combination of location-based technology and well-timed text messages allowed Quirky to direct their promotional efforts not only to the right population, but also at the right time. City dwellers in warm weather received alerts when buying an AC unit was most likely to be on their minds. Quirky was also smart to target mobile users because consumers could use their phones to both make a purchase and connect to their new AC unit!

The Montana Bureau of Tourism – Combining Consumer Behavior with Location-Based Targeting

The Montana Bureau of Tourism ran an impressive campaign that used location-based advertising to draw people to their ski slopes.

First, MBT found mobile users who had either previously visited ski resorts or whose shopping behavior skewed heavily towards skiing gear. Then, they used location-based technology to track when these people were close to the slopes or a ski store. When mobile users were within range, they received text messages advertising a trip to Montana’s ski resorts. The text message campaign accrued an impressive $6.9 million in revenue!


This campaign was effective because it capitalized on consumer behavior by combining it with the power of targeted text messaging. The Internet offers a wealth of information on what consumers want, but it lacks what text messaging offers—personalized messages that produce attentive and responsive consumers. MBT’s novel approach benchmarked a new method of combining consumer behavior trends with location-based targeting to maximize results.

Duane Reade – Incentivizing Impulse Buys with Mobile Promotions

Fickle weather makes faithful shoppers. Since consumers aren’t always prepared for spring showers and sunbursts, they’re usually more than happy to buy weather-related items on a last-minute basis. Duane Reade teamed up with a weather forecasting system to send promotional text messages to customers based to the weather.


Elevated pollen levels, for instance, will trigger a text message for a coupon for allergy medication. Text messaging’s instant communication ties perfectly into people’s need for instant gratification, resulting in a happy marriage between business and customer that drives sales.

With 91% of companies saying they will expand their mobile marketing in the next year, it’s clear that these innovative use cases are just a few ways that text messaging can work to serve your business. To learn more about including mobile in your marketing mix, please contact us at


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