3 Ways SMS Builds Customer Loyalty and Engagement


Is your company seeking the perfect communication channel to reach your consumers? One that allows you to promote your product or service in the easiest, most convenient way possible?


If so, look no further—because text messaging does exactly that. It connects your business with your customers by reaching them on their watch, in their comfort zone. This, in turn, builds loyalty and fosters engagement. Here are three ways that SMS can work for your business.

1. Live SMS chat fosters one-on-one conversations

Live SMS chat allows people to have instantaneous, one-on-one conversations with your company via text messaging. You can use live SMS chat to provide consumers with personalized support and collect feedback from customers about their recent purchases. This is a great way for companies to communicate with people without requiring them to wade through the Internet sludge or sit through long phone call wait times that often accompanies FAQ and support.

2. Mobile list alerts keeps customers engaged and up to date

Create a text message campaign that people can opt into to receive regular mobile alerts about upcoming events and company news. This is a useful feature to keep customers consistently engaged and up to date with new products and promotions. With advanced targeting features, you can even segment your list to send relevant messages based on a person’s location, age, gender, or any other kind of data you want to collect from your mobile users.

3. Exclusive mobile promotions build customer loyalty

An occasional text reminding your mobile users of upcoming sales and items in their online shopping carts can boost sales tremendously. Text messages are usually opened and read immediately after they are received, which means you can schedule them strategically to maximize your returns. A timely text reminder can prompt customers to take a second look at that product or service they were considering earlier, but might have forgotten about.

With text messaging, you can create a stronger relationship between your customer and your business. Text messaging’s strength as an engagement tool works to increase brand equity, drive sales, and build customer loyalty. Just check out our work with Union Privilege or the Shedd Aquarium if you’d like to learn more about brands that have used text messaging to further sales and build a loyal mobile client base. Or, email us at any time at sales@mobilecommons.com!


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