Baby Boomers Text More than Ever


When people think about mobile marketing, millennials and young people immediately comes to mind. However, a recent Nielsen study shows that people aged 45-64 are actually the fastest growing demographic on the mobile frontier. Baby boomer’s mobile usage is, well, booming. Within the next 5 years, baby boomers are projected to hold 70% of US disposable income and buy 49% of total consumer-packaged goods. So why should your company use mobile to engage this group of growing consumers?

Boomers are the Largest Growing Demographic of Mobile Users

Baby boomers may have grown up using technology of a different era, but they are quickly becoming the nation’s largest demographic of mobile users and consumers:

  • By 2015, people aged 50 and older will represent 45% of the U.S. population.
  • 81% of baby boomers own a mobile phone, and 85% use it for text messaging.
  • People aged 55-64 send and receive an average of 80 text messages per month, and senior citizens 65+ average at 32 text messages per month!

Companies who want to stay competitive need to develop a mobile strategy that fits in with this valuable demographics’ needs and text messaging is the number one way to bridge the gap.

Text Message is the Best Way to Get Boomers to Take Action

Baby boomers are not only avid mobile users, they are avid consumers of media. Baby boomers are the main growth drivers behind Facebook and Twitter and average three hours per day in front of the television. Adding a mobile call to action to your existing media campaigns is not only the best way to maximize your cross channel marketing, it is also the best way to reach baby boomers and get them to take action.

Mobile connects boomers to the world around them, offers them the services and convenience that they want, and drives more sales. It’s become the premiere marketing choice for companies dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of communication—are you one of them?

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