3 Ways Text Messaging Can Improve Your Marketing Mix


A good text message campaign is an integral tool in reaching a wider audience. Rather than competing with other media channels, text messages amplify your message by connecting to outlets of communication. A good text messaging campaign works at the core of your marketing mix — email, social, digital, television, and print —to help improve ROI and get better results.

Text Messaging Drive Higher Response Rates When Used with Social Media

stay connected! In a world where social media platforms are every way you turn, many have grown accustomed to the one-to-many form of communication. Whether you are posting an update on Facebook, sending out a tweet, or posting a picture on Instragram, your update is the same to all your followers. There is no personalization. Text messaging, on the other hand, allows for a high level of customization and personalization. You can address your text message directly to the consumer’s needs and create a conversation that best suits their interests. The key lies in creating a unique conversation which will lead to a lasting relationship with each customer.

Text Messages Reach More People, Thereby Increasing Response Rates

crowdTexting and email share many of the same characteristics. They are private, personalized messages that are instantaneously delivered. But people are not constantly sitting in front of the computer, whereas most people will not leave the house without their phone. Couple people’s attachment to their mobile devices with the fact that only 55% of phone owners use smartphones with email options, and it is easy to see how texting receives higher exposure than email.  Indeed, people look at their phones an average of 150 times a day. But 57% of people check their email fewer than 4 times daily. And whereas 88% of group emails go unopened, texts are read and responded to within three minutes of receiving them. Because a text is immediate, accessible, and private, it stands a better chance of being read–and responded to–than other marketing platforms.

Text Messages Can be Used with Virtually Any Media Channel to Improve Results

multichannelBecause a text is personal, immediately accessible, and engages the client in meaningful conversation, it can be used in conjunction with any other media channels to greatly improve your results. Not sure if your Twitter feed is reaching the right consumer? Use mobile to get feedback from your followers. Running a television ad? Including a visual mobile call to action can engage the consumer instantly. The same is true for print. Trying to reach people who don’t watch television, or don’t use Facebook? All you need is for them to send you a text message to opt-in to receiving texts from your company and you can instantly engage them over mobile.

Adding mobile to your marketing mix is simple, but it can make a huge difference in how customers interact with your company. People are constantly on their mobile devices, so it’s easy for them to send a short text message and start communicating with you instantly. The Shedd Aquarium and the Sacramento Kings both used mobile to engage with their customers and saw incredible results.

Learn how text messaging campaigns can complement your existing media and increase conversion rates by contacting us at sales@mobilecommons.com today!


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