Solve the Most Common Healthcare Challenge with Text Messaging


One of the most common challenges healthcare providers face is patients failing to take their medication. The World Health Organization has reported that upwards of 50% of people don’t take the medication they are prescribed.

Text messaging is a simple way to remind your patients to follow their prescription regimens after they leave the hospital or clinic. By sending discreet reminders directly to your patients’ cell phones, you can make it easy for them take their medication at the right times without disrupting their daily lives.

Girl-with-phoneThese non-invasive reminders help your patients stay healthy, which reduces the rate of patient readmissions and helps your organization save on healthcare costs. You can also send follow-up text messages to see if patients are responding to the prompts and track each patient’s progress using their replies.

One organization sent text message reminders to HIV/AIDS patients to take their medication, and found that the texts “significantly improved” the patients’ adherence to their medication:

  • 95% of participants said that the text messages helped them “very much”
  • 81% said they wanted to continue to receive the messages in the future

Read the full case study and learn more ways healthcare organizations are using text messaging to improve healthcare outcomes by downloading ourĀ eBook: 5 Ways Mobile is Improving Healthcare Outcomes.


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