Reduce Missed Appointments with Text Message Reminders


Missed appointments is one of the most common and costly problems healthcare providers face on a daily basis. Not only are your patients not receiving the care that they need, but you are also wasting valuable time and resources waiting for people who don’t show up.

Text messaging is a simple solution that can reduce the rate of your patient no-shows. By sending patients a short text message reminder before every appointment, your organization can save money and improve attendance rates.

No-Shows-snapshot-2The demographics who are most likely to miss appointments are also the ones who use text messaging the most: people under the age of 35 and people from lower income households.

  • Americans age 18-29 send on average 87.7 texts per day, twice the average of 41.5 texts per day
  • Households earning less than $30,000 annually send on average 58.7 texts per day, which is twice as many texts as households earning over $75,000 annually send

No-Shows-snapshotFind out how you can start improving your ROI with text message reminders and learn more ways healthcare organizations are using text messaging to improve healthcare outcomes by downloading our eBook: 5 Ways Mobile is Improving Healthcare Outcomes.


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