Improve Healthcare Education in Your Community with Text Messaging


Text messaging is a powerful tool in improving knowledge about broader health issues within a community. Whether your organization is trying to promote healthy living habits, raise awareness for a specific cause, or provide health insurance plans, text messaging is a great way to distribute information and make it available to those who need it.

With text messaging, your organization can deliver messages to an entire community quickly and effectively. A timely tip or friendly reminder can make a big difference for busy individuals and families who are always on the go.

Screen_Shot_2014-05-05_at_2.14.49_PMThe University of Maryland’s Food Supplement Nutrition Education program sends text messages to parents about keeping their children healthy. The pilot program sent two to three texts per week with health tips ranging from community events to ideas for physical activity.

  • 94% of parents who participated in the pilot program maintained efforts to improve their children’s health
  • 84% of parents said they would sign up for the program again
  • 73% of parents took the actions in the text messages always or most of the time

Read the full case study and learn more ways healthcare organizations are using text messaging to improve healthcare outcomes by downloading our eBook: 5 Ways Mobile is Improving Healthcare Outcomes.


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