3 Steps for a Successful Start to Your Mobile Campaign


To get the best possible results from your mobile campaign, it’s important to start off on the right foot. The first few months are crucial in spreading the word about your campaign and building your mobile list. By keeping your new subscribers engaged right from the start, you can make sure they’ll be interested in hearing from you in the future!

Follow these three simple steps to set your mobile campaign up for success.

1. Promote Your Call to Action Everywhere

In order to get people to opt in to your text messaging campaign, you need to make your mobile call to action as visible as possible. Post it on your website, social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), billboards, TV commercials, posters—anywhere your followers are learning about your organization. The more they see it, the more likely they’ll opt in!

To get even more people to sign up for your text messages, pair your call to action with a timely incentive, such as a special offer or exclusive invitation. Events are a great way to engage a large audience and get them to sign up for your mobile campaign. Print T-shirts, stickers, and other fun promotional items with your mobile call to action and make it easy and fun for event-goers to text in to your short code!

2. Welcome Your New Subscribers

Make a great first impression by thanking your new subscribers for signing up for your mobile campaign. Remind them why they opted in and what they can expect to hear from you in the future. Link to a mobile-friendly page on your website, invite them to an upcoming event, or send newsworthy updates to start engaging your users right away!

3. Ask Questions

Get to know your new subscribers while you’re still fresh on their minds. By asking questions, not only are you showing interest in your users, but you can also gain valuable data on who they are and what they’re interested in. Where do they live? What kinds of messages do they want to receive?

The answers they provide allow you to segment your users based on different criteria, such as interests, age, location, and more. Once your users are segmented, you can send them more relevant texts and start building personal relationships for successful long-term engagement.

If you’d like more advice on how to best launch your mobile campaign, contact your mobile strategist, or e-mail us at support@mobilecommons.com.


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