Three Tips for Promoting Your Mobile Campaign at Large Events


Big events and festivals are a great way to reach new subscribers, recruit volunteers, and offer exclusive rewards for opting in to your mobile list.

Voto Latino and Rock The Vote took advantage of the large audience at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas to promote their Trend Ur Voice campaign. They used printed T-shirts, stickers and wristbands to promote their mobile call to action and followed up by raffling tickets via text message to exclusive parties during SXSW. After the festival, they continued to engage their new subscribers by getting people registered to vote.

Rock the Vote: Thx for joining #TrendUrVoice at SXSW. You can register to vote right on ur phone at!



Three Tips for Promoting Your Mobile Campaign at Live Events

1. Plan ahead

Voto Latino and Rock the Vote knew they wanted to get festival-goers to subscribe to their mobile list at SWSX. This meant working on T-shirt designs, signs, buttons, stickers, and other swag months in advance. By planning ahead, Voto Latino and Rock the Vote was able to make the most of the event by spreading their message and reaching people all over the festival.

2. Start Engaging Subscribers Immediately

Getting people to opt in at a big event might be easy, but you should start building a relationship with new subscribers right away. By following up with details about the event, exclusive offers or even just a genuine thank you message, your new subscribers will start to get used to interacting with you over text messages.

3. Continue the Relationship After the Event

Most importantly, don’t forget to reach out to your subscribers after the event to turn them from one-time users into long-term supporters. Send your new subscribers relevant information to continue to build the relationship and keep them engaged in your ongoing campaigns.

Whether it’s a gigantic music festival or a small house party, think about how you can engage participants before, during and after your event to build strong relationships right out of the gate.

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