Are You Guilty of Bad Texting Etiquette? The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Engagement


Want to keep users from unsubscribing from your mobile campaigns? Poor texting etiquette is often to blame for high opt-out rates. Make sure you’re keeping your mobile users engaged by following these three simple rules.

Don’t Send Irrelevant Texts

It’s incredibly important to make sure your texts are valuable to your users. Users sign up for your mobile list for a reason, so don’t spam them with messages that don’t interest them. No one wants to waste their time reading texts about tomorrow’s event on the other side of the country. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this problem.

Do Segment Your Users

The Mobile Commons platform allows you to segment users based on a wide variety of criteria, including location, age, gender, interests, past actions, and more. Once you’ve segmented your users, you can reach out to each targeted group to build engagement and achieve higher response rates. And if there’s information you’d like to know about your users, but don’t have — just text them and ask!

Rock the Vote segments their users to drive more local action. Recently, they targeted their users living in Oregon with a text alerting them about the deadline for the Oregon primary election.

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Don’t Send Infrequent Texts

Your users should expect to hear from you on a regular basis. While people may be enthusiastic about your mobile campaign when they first sign up, they can easily forget about it in the following weeks. A text message is the perfect way to remind your users to stay in touch and take action when the occasion arises. Texts sent months apart are going to diminish your user engagement and increase the likelihood of opt outs.

Do Text Often and Be Topical

Texting is the perfect medium for breaking news quickly to a large group. In addition to sharing your organization’s personal updates, you should also try to connect current events to your organization’s mission. Staying on top of the news will show your supporters that you are constantly working towards your goals. Whether it’s to celebrate an accomplishment or to recognize a new obstacle, it’s nice to update your users and remind them why they should keep supporting your campaign.

Everytown for Gun Safety instantly updated their Minnesota supporters with a congratulatory text when a gun safety bill was passed into law. This text message not only informs everyone about the recent update, but also thanks those involved in the campaign.

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Don’t Send Impersonal Texts

Text messaging is a unique form of communication because you can have a one-on-one conversation with every person on your list. Mobile campaigns are a great way to build unique relationships with supporters and make them feel like a part of your community. If you send out generic texts, your users will feel like they aren’t valued and be more likely to opt out of your campaigns.

Do Personalize Your Texts and Use Transitions

An easy way to personalize your texts is to sign off with your name. Your users will be more likely to respond if they believe that someone is waiting on the other end. Transitions are also a great way to introduce your messages and can increase your response rate by 10%. Ask your users if they remember something from a previous text and they will be pleased to know you haven’t forgotten a past conversation.

The World Wildlife Fund wanted to see if a personal text message was actually more effective than an impersonal one. They sent a text without a name to one group of users and a text from Jess to another group of users to celebrate World Wildlife Day. The second text generated 250% higher response rates than the first one and proved that personalized texts actually resonate more with users.

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Texting a group of supporters isn’t that different from texting your friends. Send relevant, frequent, and personal messages to keep your supporters engaged and they’ll be more likely to take action and support your campaign!

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