WNYEA Celebrates Earth Day with a Text Message Petition for a Cleaner Community


For Earth Day 2014, the Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA) created a text messaging campaign called 716 Stands Up for the Environment to encourage eco-awareness, simplify confusion around environmental policy change, and create a petition for a cleaner and greener WNY.

They ask community members to text WNYEA to 877-877 and respond with the issues that they care about, from urban development to greenspace and water. Users are then asked for their zip code so that their messages can be delivered to local representatives in May. WNYEA will also send follow-up texts to supporters to let them know how they can take action on their issue and what their elected representative is doing about it.

Supporters can also submit their response directly on the 716 campaign webpage, which displays a pie chart and an interactive map of the responses. Supporters can see the popularity of different issues and the locations of the users around Buffalo who participated in the campaign.


Launching a text messaging campaign on an important date can help your organization create momentum and remind people to take action on issues that matter to them. WNYEA used Earth Day as a great conversation starter to reach community members and show that a united effort can create real change in the community.

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