Use Text Messages to Give Michael Sam a Virtual High Five


Human Rights Campaign wants you to give Michael Sam a virtual “high five” over text.

Last month, top football recruit Michael Sam announced that he was gay. The bold announcement garnered national news coverage.

Shortly thereafter, HRC sent the following text:

HRC: College football star Michael Sam has made history by coming out before NFL draft. Let’s give him a high five for his bravery:

The link takes you to a web page where you can sign up to give Michael Sam a virtual “high five.” You’ll also sign up to get further updates from the HRC about pressing LGBT issues.

What Your Organization Can Learn from HRC

Many people were inspired by Michael Sam’s bold stance. By giving them a simple, fun way to express their support, HRC turned a national news story into an engaging way to connect with their organization.

HRC also used that initial point of contact to ask people to sign up for ongoing updates . They transformed a one-off moment of awareness into a lifelong relationship.

When your big issues are in the news, think about ways you can connect with your supporters. Having a mobile campaign means that when your issues break, you can be ready to go. It’s quick and easy to send out a text to your supporters, or ask people to text you.

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