From the CEO: What’s Up With Mobile Messaging


This post was written by Mobile Commons CEO Jed Alpert.

The Whatsapp Facebook deal makes plain a theme that drives us at Mobile Commons: the power and value of the mobile message. Six billion people send and receive mobile messages. That is 6 out of every 7 people on the planet.  Mobile messaging is the most popular, universal, fastest growing, and effective form of communication ever devised. No other form of communication comes close.

Mobile Commons believes in the proposition that organizations should be able to simply and effectively communicate through mobile messaging. When organizations use the most ubiquitous and popular method of communication they achieve awesome results.  Governments serve people better, healthcare providers get better results for patients, candidates get more voters to the polls and companies better serve their customers.

All of this is possible because the Mobile Commons platform allows any organization to access the power of the mobile message.  We will not rest until every organization is able to harness this power.


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