The Daily News Reports Bus Time’s Expansion into Manhattan


Bus Time is expanding into Manhattan – and the Daily News has the story. The New York periodical interviewed MTA officials and excited commuters who are eagerly anticipating a more streamlined daily routine.

“MTA Bus Time is a game changer and a service that greatly enhances our customers’ experience with bus travel,” MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast said. “MTA Bus Time has turned your phone into a tool that tells you when to start walking to the bus stop so you can get there right when the bus does. Meet your bus, don’t wait for it.”

Bus Time uses GPS technology to let commuters text to find the location of the closest bus. We’ve all spent time waiting for a bus that’s running late; fixed schedules can’t possibly reflect the vagaries of traffic and weather. Bus Time provides a solution, letting commuters know exactly when their next bus is coming – so commuters can plan their schedules better. With two million people using the bus system daily, that’s a lot of saved time.

Bronx resident Quanna White told the Daily News that the program was a “good idea.”

“People can decide to run into a store or do something else if they know they’re going to have to wait a long time.”

Bus Time has been in the Bronx and Staten Island since 2012. The program will be city-wide by April.

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