Build Your Mobile List at Holiday Fundraisers


Mobile Giving through text messagingAs the busiest giving season of the year draws near, use mobile strategies to make your fundraising event the most memorable one for your donors!

Integrating mobile into events is a great tool for organizations to build their mobile list and engage their audience. Having a large audience present in one location increases the likelihood that people will opt-in to your list and participate in your text messaging campaigns.

Here are a few ways to engage donors at an event:

Text check-in

  • Have guests text to check in when they arrive and send them information about the event

When people arrive at the event, ask them to text in a keyword (e.g. HELLO) to opt-in to your event campaign. You can reply with a welcome message and ask for the guest’s name to match it with the list of attendees. To continue the conversation, confirm their check-in and send them additional information, such as a link to a mobile-optimized web page with the agenda for the event.


  • Ask donors to respond to prompts via text and display the responses live using mCast (text-to-screen feature)

One way to engage guests during an event is to project some of their text messages on to a screen for everyone to see using our mCast (text-to-screen) feature. For example, you can ask for responses to a prompt and display the best answers, or post questions from the audience during a Q&A session after a presentation.


  • Send a follow-up survey to thank donors for coming and gather their information to keep in touch

After the event, you can send a text message survey to ask for feedback from your guests. You can use a multiple-choice format, open-ended questions, or both. After receiving answers from guests, you can ask whether they want to keep receiving updates from your organization and ask for the required information to opt them in to your other text or email campaigns.

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