Redesigned “Agent View” Allows Agents to Respond to Incoming Texts More Effectively


Mobile Commons Agent View makes it simple for a group of administrators, or Agents, to respond to incoming text messages, either in real-time or at your convenience. Multiple agents can log-in to the system to respond to tickets or pass them to other agents. This allows everyone to work together without having to worry about missing tickets or sending duplicate responses.

This week we are releasing a redesigned version of Agent View for all our users. All the basic functionality remains the same, so we don’t expect existing users to need to re-train their agents – they should be able to use it out of the box without any trouble. We also added some new features that make it easier for users to manage their Agent View settings and respond to messages.

Agent View | Mobile Commons

New Agent View Features

  • Canned Responses: If you find yourself sending the same response over and over, you can now use our new Canned Response feature to save standard message responses. Create pre-written responses that you can select from a drop-drown menu when replying to incoming messages and it will auto-fill the text for you.

Agent View Canned Responses

  • Customizable Profile Summary: By default, we show a profile’s phone number, name, and subscription status. Now you can add any of your custom fields to the profile summary, reducing the need to click through to the profile to learn more each time you receive a new message.


  • Agent View Only: You can now specify that a user is ONLY allowed to use Agent View and nothing else. They will be blocked from viewing reports, sending broadcasts, and seeing any personally identifiable information about your subscribers.
  • View All: Sometimes it’s useful to see all the profiles that need a response on a single page. You can use our new View All page to quickly scan many unanswered profiles and quickly grab any urgent ones.
  • Auto-Refresh: Agent View automatically refreshes so you can see if anyone needs responses in real-time without having to manually check for new incoming messages.

If you have questions about the new Agent View, contact your mobile strategist or email us at

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