Mobile Commons Offers Text Message Campaigns That Sync with NationBuilder


At Mobile Commons, we consider it vitally important that our software integrate with other platforms. Any successful marketing or outreach campaign has multiple component parts, from email to social to grassroots to mobile. But if all those components don’t fit smoothly together, the campaign can be difficult for organizers to run, and even harder for them to track.

That’s why Mobile Commons is excited to announce that our text messaging platform syncs with NationBuilder’s API. NationBuilder was designed to “bring the organizing technology used by major political campaigns to any local candidate, non-profit, or other group that’s trying to unite people around a common cause.” Given our experience with building communities – especially for major political campaigns – we feel like the partnership is a perfect fit!

So if you’re a NationBuilder customer looking to create a mobile marketing campaign, we make it easy to add mobile reach to your existing efforts. We seamlessly synchronize information between your NationBuilder nation and your Mobile Commons account, allowing you to keep track of everybody, easily. Here’s how it works:

When a user opts-in or adds a mobile number, we update both databases.

Path 1: User texts to your organization

  • Our system compares the information in the text against the NationBuilder nation.
  • If the user’s record is found in NationBuilder… we update it with the mobile number, and update Mobile Commons with any additional information (e.g. name & ?address).
  • If the user’s record is not found in NationBuilder…. we add the person to NationBuilder and optionally send them a welcome email.

Path 2: The user opts in through NationBuilder

  • We leverage NationBuilder’s web hooks to opt in mobile subscribers in real time.
  • These people are opted in for text alerts and receive a welcome text message.
  • You can choose to opt-in ALL constituents with a mobile number, or just users who check a “Send Text Alerts” box.

Nobody gets text messages they don’t ask for.

  • We set a flag in NationBuilder to indicate whether or not a user is opted in to mobile.
  • This field is updated immediately when the user opts in and again when they opt out by texting STOP.

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