Be Sure You Comply with the FCC’s New Rules for Text Messaging


Starting October 16, the FCC will require that marketers obtain written consent from consumers before they can send text messages or launch robocalls. Mobile Commons platform is already in compliance with all the FCC’s regulations, but you may need to make some changes to your published terms.

Specifically, if they don’t already, all your opt-in web forms should include:

  • The phrase “No purchase necessary to get text messages”
  • A confirmation text message should be sent to the individual to confirm their subscription.

The new FCC rules protect consumers from unwanted messaging – a goal that Mobile Commons has always embraced. Previously, marketers only needed to have an existing business relationship, which was established by any inquiry, application, purchase, or transaction.

At Mobile Commons, we’re committed to the idea that the best way for consumers and companies to foster long-term relationships is to do so on a foundation of respect and candor. Our platform is all opt-in; we enforce all opt-outs automatically; and we auto-generate all compliant HELP and STOP language. No consumer gets messages that they did not explicitly request, and we guide our customers in ensuring that their messaging campaigns fully accord with all required rules and regulations.

Read Mobile Commerce Daily’s article about the new regulations here.

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