The Human Rights Campaign Uses Text Messages to Engage Its Members and Increase Mobile Fundraising


The Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group fighting for LGBT civil rights, has been hailing their banner year of political successes through celebratory updates that inform their member base and raise money to push their causes further.

As different states legalize gay marriage – the most recent, Minnesota, puts the number at twelve, plus the District of Columbia – HRC sends out a triumphant text message to its followers, informing them of this new step toward national marriage equality.

hrc updates

The text messages also include a link that directs recipients to a mobile giving site, reminding members that raising more money allows HRC to continue its advocacy.

mobile giving site

Driving members to a mobile website asking them to donate can be extremely effective. Moreover, unlike text to donate, a mobile website allows you to ask your members for any amount of money – not just $5 or $10.

mobile web donation

What better way to broaden the impact of HRC’s work than to contribute to the fight? After all, there are still thirty-eight states to go.

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