RI4A Renews Their Immigration Reform Push with Edward James Olmos


With an immigration reform bill about to be up for debate in the Senate, Reform Immigration 4 America has launched a new and concerted push for awareness with a new commercial featuring actor Edward James Olmos.

The commercial drives home one of immigration reform advocates’ most salient points: that current US immigration laws tear apart parents, children, and siblings. It encourages viewers to join the fight to keep families together by connecting with the RI4A cause. Olmos is the latest in a long line of celebrities RI4A alertsupporting this issue. In an NBC article about actors and actresses who have taken up immigration reform advocacy, Olmos talks about why he feels so passionately about it and how it relates to pride in his family:

“I’ll never forget my first day of kindergarten, when my father took me to Belvedere Elementary in East Los Angeles,” says Olmos. “I looked up as I entered the school courtyard and written at the very top of the archway was a sign that read ‘If it isn’t worth saying in English, it isn’t worth saying at all.’ That’s what greeted me in during my first day of school in 1952.”

That painful memory – and many others, says the Mexican-American actor – is why he will continue to fight for immigration reform.

RI4A has raised tremendous awareness about the crucial topic of immigration reform, driving over 60,000 calls to Congress since the beginning of the year. The bill is currently being written by the bipartisan “Gang of Eight,” and will most likely arrive for vote at the Senate floor by the end of the month.

The issue of immigration reform is a critical one, and there’s never been a better time to get involved. You can join RI4A’s cause by texting “Justice” to 69866. You’ll be asked to provide your zip code so that you can be get updated about the latest developments in the fight for immigration reform, hear about opportunities to take action in your community, and invite your friends to join the movement.

Watch the RI4A commercial below. RI4A also released a Spanish-language version of the PSA. The spots were produced by the award-winning firm Revolution Media and aired through Entravision, a media company that reaches 105 markets, including 53 TV stations, 49 radio stations and multiple interactive owned and licensed platforms and data analytics.

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