Mobile Commons Helps Prostate Cancer Patients With Text Care – A Press Roundup


Staying healthy as you fight prostate cancer has just become a little easier. Earlier this month, Mobile Commons, Sanofi US, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation announced a new mobile health campaign for men with prostate cancer – PROST8CARE. The program connects patients with follow-up care information directly synced with their chemotherapy schedules, and was developed alongside a team of oncologists and oncology nurses.

The program has already garnered some excellent coverage. Here are some of the press mentions, news stories, and social media pings that have spread the word about PROST8CARE.

The messaging service can provide scheduled reminders of treatment and information about side effects from chemotherapy treatment. It also sends tips on food and diet as well as how to manage fatigue and minimize risks of infection.

–       eWeek 

To guide the program’s content, Mobile Commons has formed a board of four medical oncologists and four oncology nurses.

–       mHIMSS

Mobile software developer Mobile Commons, pharmaceutical company Sanofi US and the Prostate Cancer Foundation on Tuesday announced the creation of Prost8Care, an SMS system to help prostate cancer patients and their families understand treatment processes.

–       MobiHealthNews

Text messaging is ubiquitous in modern life. Now, a text messaging program is available to help patients with advanced prostate cancer understand their treatment.

–       Medscape

…  a new text messaging program called PROST8CARE delivers information to prostate cancer patients to help them deal with the effects of chemotherapy. 

–       FierceHealthIT

The U.S. unit of the pharma heavyweight teamed up with the mobile tech outfit Mobile Commons and the Prostate Cancer Foundation to deliver “Prost8care,” which will be promoted to patients and their healthcare providers.

–       FierceBiotechIT

These messages will provide patients with information to help them understand their condition and treatment while reinforcing the facts given to them by healthcare professionals.

–       HealthTech Zone

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