MobiHealthNews on Prost8Care: Text Messaging Can Aid Cancer Patients During Their Treatment


MobiHealthNews has a great article about our new Prost8Care Program this week. The program, developed in conjunction with pharmaceutical company Sanofi US and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, provides follow-up information for men who are in the later stages of prostate cancer. The texts are designed to sync up with their chemotherapy schedules. The article discusses how interested patients can access the program, and what it looks like from the inside:

Patients will enroll via their doctors. The program will send printed informational and enrollment material to physician offices. Once patients are signed up, they should start receiving text messages, with tips on eating properly and coping with chemotherapy side effects, timed to each man’s treatment cycle.

The article also quotes our CEO Jed Alpert regarding the critical need the campaign is fulfilling:

“The goal of Prost8Care is to encourage patients and educate them, and facilitate productive conversations with their physicians throughout the course of their treatment. And because 95 percent of Americans with chronic diseases have access to texting, this may be an effective way to reach these patients.”

Because text messaging is more likely to break down barriers to healthcare than other communications technologies, SMS-based health services are becoming more and more integral to individuals’ care and wellbeing. Over the past few years, Mobile Commons has launched several other mobile campaigns to aid people in their choices and treatments, including reminding young HIV+ patients to take their medication, helping those who are trying to quit smoking, and assisting teens with questions about sexual health.

Read the full MobiHealthNews article here.

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