5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Relationship


Valentine’s Day is near and romance is in the air. We at Mobile Commons want to help you build deep, lasting relationships with the people who matter – your mobile subscriber list.

If you take the time to build a serious relationship, your mobile list will be there for you when it matters most. Mobile subscribers are typically your most loyal, engaged audience – and will respond 5-10x more often than your email significant others.

  1. Get Personal: Your mobile list wants to know there’s a person on the other end of the line. Sign your texts by name, and occasionally let them know more about who you are, how you’re doing, or what you’re into.
  2. Ask Questions: The best way to build a lasting mobile relationship is to ask questions and learn about your list. Ask your subscribers about themselves and use that data to target and segment your messages based on their interests.
  3. Share Things about Yourself: Keep your subscribers close by regularly sharing updates about what’s going on with your organization or company. That way they are always in the know and won’t be surprised by a last-minute call to action.
  4. Plan Activities Together: Schedule activities in people’s zip codes. Are you hosting a rally or an event at a store? Invite your subscriber list along.
  5. Know Their Limits: Don’t smother your mobile subscribers. Ask them how often they want to hear from you. Then schedule weekly updates for your most passionate subscribers, and monthly messages for those who’d rather keep things cool.

Building a great relationship with your mobile list is a lot like building any other relationship. If you want to make your subscribers swoon, you need to really get to know them first.

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