Top 5 Features to Supercharge Your Mobile Campaign


At Mobile Commons, we’re constantly developing new features to expand our platform. As you plan your 2013 communications, we’d love to help you brainstorm ways you can integrate our best tools to make the most of your mobile communications.

We want to help you build the richest possible relationships with your target users and ensure you take full advantage of all the Mobile Commons platform can offer. We also want to be sure that we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile communications.

Below are our top five favorite features. We think each of these tools could be invaluable for you in supercharging your mobile outreach in 2013.

  1. Use Tell-a-Friend to reach new people: The best way to spread the word about your organization is to ask your supporters to spread the word for you. Our Tell-a-Friend feature makes it simple for your subscribers to pass your message along to their contacts.
  2. Use customized responses to better engage your users: Create text message conversations with tailor-made responses. You can personalize your messaging based on people’s answers to your questions or their existing profile data.
  3. Create powerful visual appeals with picture messages: Send and receive MMS picture messages with the ease of sending a text. Use an image to inspire your subscribers. Or ask people to text in their own pictures – for example, as part of a contest or a picture scavenger hunt.
  4. Precisely target your message with greater than/less than/equal to: Do you want to just reach people over the age of 18 or under 65? With greater than/less than/equal to, you can target your texts based on any numerical information in people’s profiles. Send texts only to subscribers who have two children, or just to people who quit smoking after November 7th.
  5. Make it easy for people to donate with Quick Donate: Our Quick Donate tool helped the Obama campaign raise an unprecedented amount of money over mobile. By streamlining the donation process, we make it that much easier for your supporters to give.

We build our features to be both powerful and flexible, so we can handle the varying needs of all our clients.

Download our Powerpoint presentation on how you can utilize these top features to improve your mobile campaign in 2013.

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