The 113th Congress is Waiting for Your Calls


The 113th United States Congress will be sworn in on January 3, 2013. In addition to the new legislators, many citizens are now in new electoral districts. That makes now the perfect time to launch an advocacy campaign.

Starting January 3rd, our platform will automatically use the new electoral districts when people call their legislators. We will also have updated phone numbers and contact information for all the new legislators, so you can continue running campaigns targeting them at both their capital and their district offices.

Our advocacy tools support both click-to-call and text-to-call. They reach federal and state legislators. You can target based on people’s zip code, or only reach out to specific legislators. We also can sync actions with the most popular online CRM platforms. With an array of options, you can be sure you’re building a campaign that’s meaningful for your constituents, relevant to your legislative goals, and easy to track and manage for your team.

We’ve also updated our open-source district matching web service to include all the new districts, both federal and state. You can use our hosted version of it for free, or download your own copy and run it yourself.

One important note: not all state legislators get sworn in at the same time, as the federal legislators do. Rather, each state inducts new legislators on its own individual schedule. Our team will be updating state-level legislator contact information whenever the states update and publish their revised contact information.

Best of luck to all our advocacy customers in 2013, and be sure to say hi to your newly elected officials.

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