Franciscan Friars are Taking Your Prayer Intentions – via Text Message


You can send a text message to your family, your friends, your doctor, your bus service. But what about sending a text to God?

The Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province, the largest group of Franciscan friars in the world, are asking the faithful to text them their prayers for special intentions and needs. The Friars will then pray on the texter’s behalf.

Father David Convertino, executive director of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province, said in a statement, “With technology changing the way we communicate, we needed to offer people an updated way to ask for prayers for special intentions and needs either for themselves or others…If the pope can tweet, friars can text!”

Mashable correspondent Lauren Gores provides a full report on the initiative, including a brief overview of how it all works.

The Friars of Holy Name Province announced a new initiative: text a prayer intention to a Franciscan Friar. The program is exactly what you think – the friars invite anyone to send prayers in a modern form of communication, SMS.
How it works: Text the word PRAYER to 30644. You’ll receive a welcome message at the start, then T9 your best benediction.

Watch the full Mashable report below. Then send your own prayer intentions by texting PRAYER to 30644.

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