Demand a Plan Wants You to Call Congress to End Gun Violence


In the wake of the horrible shootings at Sandy Hook, people around the nation have been demanding a response. Speeches and moments of silence no longer seem sufficient. There’s a call for sweeping legislation to change our country’s culture.

Now, Demand a Plan is harnessing that support to directly petition Congress and the President. They want you to add your voice to their efforts. They have put together a list of specific policy proposals that they believe would curtail gun violence in America.

  1. Require criminal background checks for ALL gun sales, including private sales.
  2. Ban assault weapons, including high-capacity magazines.
  3. Make gun trafficking a federal crime.

To join the campaign and call your Congressional representatives and the President, simply navigate to the Demand a Plan website.  Enter your phone number, name, and address into the web form. You’ll receive a phone call and, when you answer, be given some helpful talking points about what to say. You will then be automatically connected to your Senator. After your call with the Senator’s office, you will then have the opportunity to trigger a call to your Congressperson and the White House.

Demand a Plan is a campaign of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a bipartisan group made up of over 800 mayors from across the nation. Currently the group has hundreds of thousands of supporters. To enact substantive change, they need every voice.

As they say on their website,

“No one can bring back the 26 innocent children and brave adults murdered in Newtown — or the 34 Americans murdered with guns every day in this country. But we can demand that our leaders prevent future tragedies by taking immediate action.”

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