By the Numbers: Pew Report Shows Texting’s Growth


A Pew report released last month shows that texting is one of the main functions that people perform on their cell phones, behind taking pictures (and actual phone calls).

The data shows that 80% of cell phone users use their phones for text messaging. That’s a 22% increase over the data from 2007 – and a significant uptick from 2011’s usage rates, too. More than ever before, text messaging is the default way that our society communicates – a critical and effective way to interact with people, no matter where they are.

Age Breakdown: Demographically, the report showed that, unsurprisingly, almost all younger people text. 97% of people 18-29 and 92% of people 30-49 are active texters.

Racial Breakdown: The report also shows how vital text messaging can be in reaching minority groups, who are often difficult to reach through other methods of communication. 79% of whites text, compared with 80% of blacks and 85% of Hispanics.

Mobile for Health Care

This report also had the interesting statistic that almost a third of mobile phone users seek out medical information on their phones. As mobile phones becomes people’s most personal device, people are using them to seek out the most personal information.

At Mobile Commons, we have similarly seen a dramatic increase in mobile health campaigns. Health care-related phone activity can include text message reminders to take medication, health tips, live text chats with health educators, and much more.

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