Tips for a Great Holiday Campaign


Have you started planning your year-end campaign yet?

A holiday campaign can be a great way to connect with people no matter what your goals – whether it’s to inspire some last minute giving, remind consumers of a compelling product, or offer a special opportunity. And it’s not too late to get started.

Here are a few simple ways you can use mobile to optimize your year-end campaign and make the most of this holiday season.

Tell a Story

Inspire your mobile subscribers with a story themed for theholiday season.

  • Recall an individual story to inspire your subscribers and help them connect with your cause.
  • Provide an example of how your organization has helped change someone’s life.
  • Ask your subscribers to pass the story along using Tell-A-Friend, spreading your message beyond your base.

Get Heard During a Time of Giving

It’s easy to get drowned out under the din of holidaymessaging. Use mobile to cut through the clutter, and improve your year-end donations.

  • Combining text outreach with an email campaigncan improve donations by as much as 77%.
  • Ask your subscribers to text in donation pledges, and follow up with a thank you when they submit their payment information.
  • If you have a web donation form, text out a link! Make it easy for your users to give, straight from their mobile phones.
  • Most of all, be sure your message gets heard. Send a simple text reminder to your subscribers that this is the time to give.
  • And always remember to say thank you!

Spread Your Message

The holidays are a great time to build relationships with your users. Use mobile as a distribution platform to spread your message.

  • Record a special holiday greeting from your CEO or a celebrity. Then text it out to your entire list.
  • Send out links to a holiday card or a special message.
  • Last month, Mobile Commons got people to the polls using our mData feature. You can also use mData to connect people with local resources or your stores.

The relationships you build over the next few months will help you achieve your goals in the new year!

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