Take Your Message Viral With Mobile Tell-A-Friend


How do you cut through the clutter to reach new members? You have your core base of followers, but you want to take your message to a broader audience. How do you get the word out?

We’ve found that the most effective evangelists are the people who already believe in your work. So we created the Tell-A-Friend feature for the Mobile Commons platform. Now it’s simple to ask your existing users to spread the word for you.

With Tell-A-Friend, you simply ask your members to enter the phone numbers of a few friends they want to reach out to. We then send customized messages to recruit these new users for your list.

Tell-A-Friend is already one of our most successful tools to date. Read below for examples of how our customers have seen incredible results with Tell-A-Friend functionality.

Then sign up for our webinar on Tuesday, October 16, at 1 pm EDT, or check out our handy how-to video. We’ll walk you through the easy steps for creating a Tell-A-Friend campaign.  Get started on spreading your message and see for yourself how it can revolutionize the way you grow your lists.

Campaign Spotlight

  • DoSomething.org’s Pregnancy Text Campaign Goes Viral in Schools – When DoSomething.org launched their pregnancy-awareness campaign, they asked their audience of teens to spread the word using Tell-A-Friend. For every 1 direct sign-up, they gained 2.3 additional sign-ups.
  • RI4A Gains Thousands of New Supporters – When Reform Immigration 4 America mobilized their base for a massive call-in campaign, they asked their supporters to also pass the message along to their friends. Thousands of new members joined the RI4A campaign as a result.
  • Communities United for Police Reform Spreads the Word About a Rally – Communities United for Police Reform used our Tell-A-Friend feature to spread the word about their September rally. The effort increased attendance at their event.

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