Mobile Commons Will Help Millions of Americans Find Out Where to Vote on Election Day


Did you know that millions of people don’t vote each year simply because they do not know where to go?

In 2008, 1.9 million voters did not show to up polls simply because they didn’t know where to go.[1] Studies further estimate that, this November, at least half a million votes will be lost due to confusion around redistricting.

On the other hand, text messaging has proven to be one of the most powerful tools available to get out the vote. A Princeton University study found that a text message reminder increased a person’s likelihood to vote by 4-5% and at an order of magnitude lower cost than all other tactics to get out the vote.[2]

Introducing the Mobile Commons Polling Place Locater

Mobile Commons is leveraging the ease and ubiquity of text messaging to help get millions of Americans to the voting booth this year. In collaboration with the Voting Information Project and Google, we are pleased to introduce the Mobile Commons Polling Place Locator, the easiest way to find out where to vote using your mobile phone.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Here’s how it works:

  1. Voters text in their home address
  2. Mobile Commons software automatically responds with the address and hours of their polling place

Try it! Text WHERE to 877877 to find out where to vote.

Setup your Polling Place Locater today!

Mobile Commons is making our Mobile Polling Place Locator available to organizations across the country in both English and Spanish. We are giving this technology for free to all our existing customers, and welcoming new customers who want to run their own versions.

1 New Organizing Institute: “Lost Voters, Lost Votes”

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