Kathy Lee Drops a Puppy for Pet Adoption


Do Something.org - Text Messaging Case StudyYesterday, on the Today show, Kathy Lee dropped a puppy. But she did it for a good cause. The puppies were in the Today studio to promote DoSomething.org’s Pics for Pets campaign. Do Something is asking teens to go into animal shelters and take pictures of the animals there. The thought, as photographer Nigel Barker said, is that if teens “take a beautiful picture. … the animal has a better chance of being adopted.” Barker brought a few needy puppies with him for his morning show appearance. And when Kathy Lee bent to pick up an adorable shepherd-beagle mix, the pooch made a break for it. As People.com reports,

 In a segment featuring adoptable rescue dogs, the morning show’s co-host picked up one of the visiting pooches. “Oh, puppy needs a bath-y,” Gifford remarked, before the dog quickly tumbled out of her arms.Gifford’s fourth-hour partner, Hoda Kotb, backed away from the scene just as quickly, saying, “Puppy took a nose dive-y!” Gifford apologized profusely to the dog as she picked it up again to comfort it after the fall.

In addition to their appearance on Today, DoSomething is promoting the campaign over text message, and asking its army of teenage advocates to use our tell-a-friend feature to pass the message along. “Taking a picture is so simple, and teenagers are so good at it,” Barker said. If  you or a teenager you know would like to get involved, check out the Pics for Pets campaign. And don’t worry about the puppy. He’s reported to be in good spirits. “The puppy’s okay, but I’m a wreck!” Kathy Lee said on Friday’s show.

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