Uses Text and Picture Messaging to Connect Teens in the Wake of Sandy


During the peak of Hurricane Sandy, created a mobile campaign to keep their constituents connected.

They used text and picture messaging to build a network of prayer and emotional support between the nation’s teenagers and the people who rode out the one of this year’s most destructive weather events.

In the midst of Monday’s storm, sent out a text broadcast to their young adult audience, to ask if and how they were being affected.

Those who were being impacted sent stories about their Sandy experiences. If they were able to do so safely, they also used MMS to send images of the damage, harnessing the power of pictures to not just tell but show how the hurricane was affecting them, their families, and their communities.

Those who weren’t in Sandy’s path were asked to send prayers and messages of support. The resulting outpouring of encouragement and sympathy can be seen here as both a word cloud and an interactive map.

This campaign is a marvelous testament to how text can connect people over great distances, creating a system of support and information that transcends geography.

To send messages of support to Sandy survivors, text SANDY to 38383.

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