By The Numbers: How Mobile Marketing Increases Response Rates


We get asked a lot for stats about how mobile’s response rates compare to other types of marketing. It makes intuitive sense that a text message would create an immediate demand on someone’s attention. But do the numbers hold up?

We’re delighted to say they do! Check out some of the below statistics from our campaigns to see how mobile marketing can increase your response rates and drive your users to take action.

People Take More Actions, Faster, When they Receive Text Messages

  • There’s a 5 -10x increase in response rate from a text call to action in media opposed to a URL. In one example, we found 325% more people opted in from text when compared to a url.
  • recently found their response rate is between 10x and 100x as high for mobile as email.
  • We see across the board about an 80% response rate when email is the first question asked right after someone opts in.
  • One customer recently did a study where they found that people on their SMS list were twice as likely to be donors.

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