Nonprofit Quarterly Features the “Elegant Simplicity” of Text Messaging


Today the Nonprofit Quarterly published an article that highlights mobile as “a simple, inexpensive way for nonprofits to reach their constituents” – and features the work of Mobile Commons and our customers.

Any article that calls text campaigns “sexy” is all right by us, but the NQ piece also provides a great overview of the skyrocketing use of SMS as a way for organizations to engage with communities. Mobile Commons customers are cited as examples of the innovative ways nonprofits can connect with their audiences – like’s initiative to inform people of the dangers of texting while driving, or Reform Immigration 4 America’s use of text messaging to organize over 1,000 house parties around the nation.

There’s a lot of good analysis here of just why text is so appealing to nonprofits – including this take on the issue from our CEO, Jed Alpert:

“Mobile Commons’ Alpert says that taking advantage of text messaging is not a question of an organization’s size, but how effective an organization is at identifying whom it wants to reach and how it wants to reach those constituents. ‘Fundraising is always forefront on a nonprofit’s mind, but engagement that leads to sustained donations is really what nonprofits want—not necessarily just the one-time emergency.’”

 And the piece also reminds us that people didn’t always understand just how powerful SMS would turn out to be.

 “‘If you were to go back and predict which technology would take off, I don’t know who would have picked SMS,’ says Alpert. ‘Text messaging is too simple, too unglamorous. But it engages us in the way we like to engage. There’s an elegant simplicity to it.’” 

For the complete report, read the full piece here.

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